Ethical Crisis in the US Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-15
Ethical Crisis in the US Essay Sample
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Logan Collins feels that the question of ethical crisis in The United States is hard to answer because citizens feel that if something is legal then it's okay from Gary Shapiro Huffington Post. On how to improve ethical decision making, there is a need for self-awareness and emotional self-control. Self-awareness helps one to strengthen as well as build his/her inner compass while emotional self-control enables one to do the right thing by taking a step away from the wrong crowd. To handle ethical dilemmas, one needs to build a diverse network and having empathy. (Harvard Business Review). This means having a strong network highlights choice as well as options which one may not have considered as they made the decision. The book also advises on three different tests which are stench test, front page test, and the mom test. Logan views that ethics is a learned behavior only when individuals believe and focus on their personal potential hence it is a behavior that one must want to learn based on Dave Beach from LinkedIn. Immanuel Kant had he believe in ethics as learned behaviors which grow as one grows. Kant believed that these behaviors are formed based on the new values that individuals learn and develop over time from family, peers as well as friends. On how to conduct oneself at work one should be kind and professional. Personal vs work standards one should treat people at work just as at home. Stakeholders are affected by ethical dilemmas based on Harvard Business Review on Wells Fargo.

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Carly Hamilton believes the US is facing an ethical crisis. This means that the general public in the US is making decisions daily based on their own ethics, decisions that have a negative impact on the ethics of the US as a whole. This is based on separating children from adult immigrants. Improving ethical decision making would be by educating people on the ethical crisis in the US, this is by creating awareness on the crisis to all the people. Learning ethics can be through reinforcement, leading by example as well as companies ensuring that they stay focused on the end goal will enable ethical learning at the workplace. This is based on Stephen Paskoff," Can ethical behavior be taught?". Conduct at work is from common knowledge and how one is raised. Personal vs Work ethical standards one should treat everyone with respect even if it's not mutual. Based on Ronald Mitchell's article, stakeholders are affected by ethical/unethical decisions made by organizations.

Sabrina Border feels there is a consensus of an ethical crisis in the US-based on Harvard Business Review and David Callahan of Cheating Ethical decisions can be improved by teaching the characteristics that predict unethical behavior based on the Harvard Business Review. Ethics are learned "as a child, life experiences, religious beliefs, work, discussions with others, ethical philosophers, previous ethical dilemmas" based on George L. Head article. Work environment behavior should be professional all the time. Personal vs work ethics are the same. Stakeholders are affected by unethical behavior depending on business success based on Emily Newman (November 19, 2015). Generally, ethical behavior is capable of leading one into many opportunities as well as giving one a great reputation, on the other hand, unethical behavior can keep one from keeping or getting business as well as it can ruin one's reputation.

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