Legal vs. Ethical: Examining Culture and Leadership. Paper Example

Published: 2023-01-06
Legal vs. Ethical: Examining Culture and Leadership. Paper Example
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Ted Talks is usually known as a secure platform where visionaries and leaders are thought to present ideas that are powerful together with the introduction of the new ways concerning the thinking aspect based on the concepts that were considered previously settled. In this context, most people tend to think that TED talk in mainly meant to stimulates aspect of creativity and thinking through the use of YouTube views demonstration that manipulates quite large numbers of people. The legal versus ethical liability is one of the Ted talks which is mainly based on the ethics of engineering which was meant to address the significance of ethics in relation to the matters that pertains education through giving a clear explanation of the difference that exist between professional and personal ethics by giving involving a clear discussion based on the ethical theories tenets (Fugate, 2019). A crisis of culture and leadership is the talk that is addressed under the legal versus moral liability in TED talk which is known to run for around 15minutes. The discussion is conducted by Mel Fugate who is a professor by profession and explains professional behavior in the TED talk. This professor is capable of highlighting various examples concerning unethical behavior which seem to be very common in the modern workplaces, and therefore this calls for the business leaders to get to develop an ethical and a professional environment especially for their employees. Several concepts are analyzed in this particular talk such as bullying, discrimination, and retaliation whereby the are reviewed positively to know whether they belong to the unethical class and their relationship to their legality and what the offered I order to resolve whatever appears to be legal but is immoral.

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There are several acts of unethical behavior that are outlined in this particular talk, and they mainly occur in their working places. The most unethical aspect sis bullying at the home of work and this might happens as a result of various means. For instance, where many workers are punished in their review, some have their opportunities being undermined profoundly, boss yelling at them or even their coworkers and in some cases, others are forced to go along but being shut up for anything they are trying to raise (Pro, 2018). Bullying in this context is unethical behavior that is not unlawful. At workplace bullying, I always knew as a particular aspect of harassment which is typically known as the unwanted conduct and the leaders are supposed to deal with it since it results to deteriorating of the running activities in the working place. This is because those workers who mainly experience this type of violation in their working places they are likely to feel that their dignity is being profoundly violated.

They usually are degraded, humiliated, and their working environment becomes difficult for them to work in and therefore results to adverse effects in the place of work because the workers who face this are likely to leave their work due to absolute fear. Bullying affects the performance at the, and even in some cases the workers tend to decline their jobs, leads t decreased in time that is usually spent concerning the work effort, lost work time when the workers might be avoiding the defender (Pro, 2018). Leaders are the people who should highly care about such at the place of work. The reason behind them dealing with such behaviors at the place work is that it affects quite a large number of workers negatively.

The unethical leadership in this context allows for the happening of the unethical behavior; hence this affects the performance whether knowingly or unknowingly. Dishonest administration is known to cause immoral cultures in an organization, and therefore it is upon the leaders in an organization to prevent the occurrence of the wrong behavior. My organization is consequently favorite in promoting the ethical cultures which create a positive impact on the running of activities. This is mainly achieved through various means. Through being aware of the unethical behavior acts such as lying to the customers, cheating one can get educated on creating an organization that contains ethical behaviors (Plante, 2015). For instance, my organization has created a positive ethical culture which is capable of nurturing the organization ethics in a very significant way. Good ethics are generally associated with good business, and my organization has always been successful due to the ethical behavior that is promoted in the whole organization (Plante, 2015). My leaders in this particular organization have used various strategies which create and sustain the ethical culture in the organization. The main one is that they have tried to clear expectations concerning what not okay and what is okay in the organization. In the organization, there are always rules and guidelines that are spoken and unspoken concerning how everyone should act in the organization. This involves a lot of things such as the behavior towards public, customer and colleagues. Different organizations have different cultures, and in some cases, they tend to differ radically. The ethical culture that is highly promoted in my organization focus on the cultural norms and they are usually observed and not put into any form of writing by highlighting the decision making aspect and ethical values.

In my organization, the leaders have the responsibility of modeling the desired behavior among the organization to create an ethical culture. These leaders act as useful models in the organization and hence all the people below them have to act like them since the leaders appear to be mindful since they are mainly watched very closely since those below them in the organization tend to take after their steps concerning ethical behavior and the attitudes. The organizational leaders in this context are highly expected to practice whatever they are preaching to create an ethical culture. This helps in the creation of a more ethical environment within the organization through setting ethical standards that are well demonstrated by the leaders to all the other workers. My organization has also reinforced the behavior that is wanted, and it is known to impact the organizational environment ethically. Good leaders reinforce good practices to the organization resulting in the creation of an ethical culture within the organization.


The legal versus ethical liability as addressed in the TED talks is such a great talk which has influenced several businesses. Most leaders have learned a lot concerning the leadership aspect concerning their business organizations and how they should run their businesses. Unethical behaviors are highly expected to be eliminated from the organization since they affect the organization negatively.


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