Free Essay: Health History and Assessing the Determinants of Health

Published: 2023-04-19
Free Essay: Health History and Assessing the Determinants of Health
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The respondent's name is Mrs. C.D. She is window aged 101 years old who was born in Amsterdam, and her ethnic origin is Holland. I confirmed some of her information from her chart.

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Reasons for a Health Interview

Health is a very important aspect in every human, it can be defined as a state where a person is physically, emotionally and psychotically fit. Interview pertaining health issues have to be carried out to diagnose the extent and magnitude of the diseases, studies carried out have found various reasons as to why participant take part in health interview, studies were done in Canada reviewed that individuals participated in health interviews to obtain financial rewards while other group participated to contribute to knowledge.The respondent was a server when she was young. She had bad and best experiences. The worst experiences were during the war in Holland where there was no light, no food, and horrible. She added that her success was always in a good shape. The respondent referred health as a situation of not being sick. She added that she was an elderly lady despite having another sort of sickness but she can cope by taking care of herself during interactions.

Family History

There is currently no concern that the family is working on together. Since there is no concern, the family is not working towards coping with it. The daughter is currently taking care of the finances of the interviewee.

History of Health Concerns

The respondent who was Mrs. C.D said that she was above a hundred years of age. Of late she has been hospitalized though she does not know the essence of the treatment. She had got a long duration of cancer asthma and other heart diseases. She had undergone eye surgery and hated the idea of being treated. She added that her daughter was helping her when she was still in the home. The interviewee had experienced illness in the past. She had cataract surgeries on both eyes, MOHS micrographic surgery on left temple last December, 13, and 2019. The patient had a fracture due to fall last February 6, 2020, but not operable and the doctor sent her home and gave her take-home medication for pain when needed. The interviewee also had no known allergies. The respondent had been hospitalized before multiple times and could not remember anymore. She was confined at Misericordia community hospital and when the resident got discharged resident was admitted to Jasper place continuing care.

Current Quality and Health

To begin with, as the respondent earlier said that she was an elderly woman, living with lovely friends and family who visited her in her place of residence. Concerning what the respondent does to maintain her health, she said that she lives at her place with the best company, smart house money in her bank account and she is easy to handle. She explains that she used to do some exercise when she was young but she cannot do them currently. She claims that she could ride a bicycle by then. However, she claims that her physiotherapist or occupational therapies are trying to help her do exercises to get better. She also says that she cannot move freely and could not walk by herself. However, there is no health concern that her family is working on currently. The respondent says that she fell a few weeks ago and broke her hip and went to the hospital. The doctor checked on her and sent her home with pain medication. The respondent, however, claims that if the pain persists, she will ask help from her nurse for pain. She said that she was not certain of the treatment that she underwent.

The respondent lamented over her painful teeth that she even communicated to the nurse who advised her to visit a dentist for treatment and have a visit after. The respondent recalled having a treatment some time back where the nurse had confirmed in her attendance in the register.

According to Mrs. CD, she only seeks medical advice when she is feeling unwell, otherwise, she does not bother other people. She goes for a professional health exam for her dental appointment. The nurses are the one booking it and arrange her transportation and staff usually takes her and sometimes her daughter when she is not busy. She exercises at times when she is feeling good and attending recreational activities. Concerning immunizations, the respondent explains that she had a flu shot last year. The nurse immunized her but still, she got the flu. More so she used to be a cigarette smoker but she decided to quit it 5 years ago. The respondent does not use illicit drugs or exposed to pollutants. She claims she is not exposed to and does not have experience of using illicit drugs when she was young and even this time.

The respondent is not sure whether there is a health concern that the family is working on currently. Concerning health problems, she explains that any time she complains about pain in her teeth, she usually tells her nurse, sees her dentist for a checkup and have a follow-up visit after. She had dental checked up last month and the writer confirmed in the chart that the patient was attended. She is currently receiving her regular medications and occupational and physical therapist are helping her for exercises. Concerning the prescribed medication, the respondent said that since she is in a nursing home, her nurses are the ones giving her medications because she is too old already.

Personal Development and Socio History

The respondent said that she was a waitress serving dishes to customers, besides being passionate about it .She carried duties until she retired. She added that she can attest that her workmen were the best though they were unable to eliminate their problems amicably. She loved the job very much. She worked on this job until she got retired. Her current source of income is a pension. She explains that she had good co-workers but experienced few problems at her workplace, which was just normal for any human being. She also said that the question asked her daughter would be a better chance to respond.

The respondent added that the most important person in her life was her daughter Terry because she was always reliable besides that the respondent was passionate about her family much to be specific her neighbors who resided with her in Nursing for four years, she recalled how they shared rooms with her besides the nurses and other members who were welcoming and helpful to her that contributed to her consideration for the place to a home to her. At times the respondent took part in recreational activities when at rest though she considered lying on the bed. The respondent explains that she mainly makes chat at times in the dining room. Sometimes she attends exercises if she wants to.

Spiritual Variables

According to the respondent, her daughter, mother and husband are the most critical but they passed away already and she missed them so much. She indicated the pictures of her parent on the wall, while she was very emotional. She now focuses on looking after herself. The major source of hope for the respondent is the family around and hope to get things better. She is a catholic but when checked in the chart resident had no religious affiliation. She doesn't go to church every week but she prays. She claims that God is the source of her strength. There are no health practices or restrictions important to the respondent. The respondent claims that a relationship with God is critical. Yes, if she has troubles she talks to god and helps to help her overcome them. She always likes talking about God

Sociocultural Variable

The respondent does not identify herself with any ethnic or racial group. She does not do any ethnic practices but just looks after herself. The traditional wellbeing practice for the respondent is to try to stay healthy. She had to quit smoking and attend exercises or activities at times when she is feeling good.

Developmental Variables

The respondent argues that her most significant event is to reach 101 years. Getting older with time is one of the significant events that has changed her life. She also claims that she is away from her family and therefore could not explain the change in family roles. One thing she misses in her young life is working and the job she had been doing as a waitress.

Physical Environment

The respondent replied that she lived at jasper place in an apartment next to the mall and besides that, she said that the nearest health facility was at Misericordia community hospital. It is a facility with a 100-bed capacity, resident was living in wing 2. She used transportation forms like etc or dats. The resident room was living in a shared room of 2, one bathroom has a TV and radio at the bedside. She loves the cat and places lots of pictures on the wall. A resident has a hospital bed, with 2 side rails up, a call bell within reach and has floor mat. The room is spacious because it's a semi-private room.

Support Systems

A support system can be classified as variables that contribute wellbeing of an individual. Besides that support systems can be viewed as some of the indicators of stress contribution as well as individual satisfaction. During the interview, the respondent said that she talked about how they came to the facility and celebrated on the eve of Christmas and added how she celebrated by eating and receiving gifts even though she was elderly. Concerning her last "holiday" spent with her family, the resident recounts the Last Christmas whereby her family came to visit her. They celebrated together by eating food that the family brought in and giving her gifts as well. She was so happy, though she is old already she still has the chance to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Respondent progressed further and said that she lived with her daughter and that she makes decision in the family for her and makes an important role though later questioning about her responsibility added that she does not live with her family and that there are no problems with her daughter and to conclude she said that there are no problems with her daughter and she was the closest member of her family. Her daughter is in charge of her finances and personal directives. Rechecked on the chart and resident was true.

Setting Goals in Collaboration

The Neuman system model aims at helping nurses to care for the patients as well as evaluating their progress. It should be noted that questioning is key in terms of identifying stressors and causes of diseases or any sort of illness. Regarding the success of the use of the Neuman model, people need to be aware and informed in dealing with all manner of stressors. Success happens when a person progresses well, manages a stable family that can take care of him/her at old age. Being healthy even at old age is one of the indicators of success.

Review of Systems of General Survey

The respondent said that she was in hundreds and still can perform activities and do self-care. The respondent said that she went up and down for the last five years and where people laughed. The respondent said that her skin tore especially on the foot as well as her skin healed when she applied lotion to solve dryness. She also added that she has got skin lesions that tore especially when they were itchy. She also answered that her nails were okay and that her hair was not oily and dry. The respondent finally said that she had no sore nor did she use used shampoo in cleaning her hair. The resident claims that she is in the 100's and she is still around, she can still perform some activities and do self-care.

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