Concussions in Football - Free Essay for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-04-08
Concussions in Football - Free Essay for Your Inspiration
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This essay by Nina Burleigh, show how content injuries lead to brain damage to the player. According to the study, consistent hitting on the head of an athlete is one of the significant factors that influence Alzheimer and early dementia. In this case, the essay investigates whether football should be less physical to prevent such brain injuries. In this case, he proposes improved skills that do not involve physical engagement of players.

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This essay according to me is not justified, mainly because the permanent brain damages do not always result from the severe physical engagement in the pitch by football players. There is no serious scientific research which has been conducted to reveal the correlation between these two phenomena. Instead, according to my knowledge, physical engagement in the field is one of the most healthy exercises for both physical and brain development. It leads to the adequate blood supply to the brain especially those results from vigorous physical activity. Constant heating in the head in the football pitch make the skull stronger, therefore reducing the chances of brain damage in case of a one-time hit by an unexpected object in future. Thus, the suggestion by the essay will reduce the value of football, mainly, that links to physical fitness as well as the entertainment objective that relate to the exercise. According to me, there should be an increase in the physical engagement among football players, which should be more vigorous. As a result, the physical health and the mental operation of the player will be more improved than when the engagement is reduced.

Effects Of Concussions In Football

Concussion football is one of the most debated issues, especially about the healing of the body as well as the brain. According to the reports by most parent whose children, who suffer from Traumatic encephalopathy, concussion football is one primary focus of blame. Most former football players are diagnosed continuously with brain-related diseases primarily due to the injuries they received in their times of play in the concussion football (McCloskey ). However, the majority of players, especially those diagnosed with these will always have a response to the support of the concussion.

According to the football games teaches individual teamwork. This teamwork enables individuals to develop a friendship that will allow them to prepare for long-life relationships. Moreover, by playing, kids can learn how to work with others to accomplish the required goals. In this case, they develop a desire to strive to be the best not only on the football pitch but also in the class work (Laroche et al.).According to the report by Los Angeles Unified School District on 35000 students, athlete students stored higher GPAs than the non-athlete students.

In conclusion, the decision to pay concession football is always influenced by the perspective of the parents on their children and the desire to ensure proper health of the brain. Even though there are small cases of brain damage or injuries that result from the physical injuries on the head during the play, the prevalence of the injury is still very low. These cases, therefore, do not support the fact that occasion football is the primary cause of brain malefactions .furthermore, the teamwork and the physical engagement of the brain make such athletes more active and sharp in both academic and other aspects of life.

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