Karl Marx's Insight on the Social and Economic Inequalities, Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-16
Karl Marx's Insight on the Social and Economic Inequalities, Essay Example
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Life is something that requires a considerable degree of mental and physical effort. Some are lucky enough to have everything prepared for them since they are introduced to the joys of wealth right from birth. For some, life is full of hardships and stress and these struggles in everyday life while others lavish in comfort creates class conflicts in the society. The world perceives that the United States is immune to class conflicts and the majority of its citizens live a peaceful and prosperous life. However, that is not the case, America is, in fact, a nation filled with deep class contradictions. This essay looks at the life struggles facing Americans today and what Karl Max predicted on the issue of social class.

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Those in the employment sector are getting unequal pay to their labor efforts to maintain profits for the business owners. In America, the employed seem to be confronting a different regime in history, one which continues to see its working-class account for the costs of war and the global economic climate. Trump's government is operated by tycoons focused on extinguishing all advantages acquired by the laborers for decades. Of late, America's business incomes are gashing down, and the rise in production has permitted organizations to develop without much effort in reducing the huge numbers of unemployment cases. With the inexistence of job securities, employees are afraid of leaving their jobs hence lack the power to bargain. Marx would not be surprised to hear of the issue facing the labor force today on low wages to junior employees as the corporate owners and those in high administrative ranks enjoy all the big profits and bonuses. He projected that the growth of capitalism could contribute to a focus on vast wealth build up and capital while on the other side of the social spectrum there would be an accrual of excruciating labor, misery, and poverty.

We are quite a materialistic society. A society comprised of those who have and those lacking. Take an instance of the current imaginary appetite that majority of individuals tend to have towards iPhones. If you consider the iPhone 7 that you own or the iPhone 6 that you had the other year, is it quite a necessity? I would think not, but still, a majority of iPhone owners yearned for the iPhone 8 when it got launched. Marx would condemn this blaming the society on not heading his predictions on capitalism while looking at how families in China are languishing in cancer caused by our waste. Megacorporations are generating complete marketing tactics on the impression that the society has to extinguish products in good shape for no apparent reason. If Marx were here today, he would undoubtedly nod in recognition. Marx warned of the inclination to think on basically illogical products which he referred to as the imaginary, unnatural, and sophisticated appetites. The modern U.S society can be defined by this harsh reality, whereby people relish incredible luxurious lives but are still driven by a continuous desire for more products to purchase.

The Marxists theories still shape our society to date. When Marx advocated for a progressive income tax through the communist's manifesto, no single state had one. Currently, all nations in the world have progressive tax incomes, and this is the only way through which the United States tries to address income inequality. With the contemporary problems in society, on most occasions, we turn to Marx not because we depend on him, but due to his inevitability.

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