Strategic Human Resources Development Research Proposal

Published: 2023-01-03
Strategic Human Resources Development Research Proposal
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Effective strategic human resource development (HRD) is among the most crucial success factors for an organization. To achieve a competitive advantage on the market, organizations are required to ensure the effective and efficient running of the operations which in turn will lead to improved quality, improved customer satisfaction and business success in the long run (Nafukho, Hairston & Brooks, 2004). Failure to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in an organization is likely to result in business failure. Organizational operations include among others, human resource development, materials management and decision making Effective human resource development help an organization to improve its performance especially considering the competitive nature of today's business environment. It is increasingly become challenging for small business and mid-sized organizations to manage human resources. This is so due to the limited resources available for use which has, in turn, resulted in the business failure among small and mid-sized organizations. Different business owners handle their human resource challenges differently. Different human resource management strategies have been formulated adopted by organizations across the industrial sectors (Schuler & Jackson, 2008). What has remained constant is the fact that failure to have a strategic human resource development is costly to any organization.

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The participation of employees in training programs is an essential practice in the current business practice and the advancement of the HRD theory (Wang, 2014). The effectiveness of the training interventions in any organization is determined by the level of participation of the employees (Analoui & Danquah, 2017). Today organization has embraced technological training approaches; however, attracting employees and ensuring that they complete the training is a significant challenge facing organizations today (Yawson, 2012). Despite the significance of employee training as an HRD intervention, there is limited research on this issue. As a result, it is essential to provide a theoretical understanding of learning participation in HRD practices from a religious perspective (Werner & DeSimone, 2011). The proposed research aims at exploring human resource challenges, as well as examining the impact of employee training and development or organizational development. The research will build on the current human resource development (HRD) practices to provide an in-depth understanding of HRD practices.

Current Human Resources Development Practice challenges

Compliance capabilities are one of the most common human resources challenges among organizations. Compliance issues in human resources include laws and regulations relating to business management, employment contracts and tax administration. These laws and regulations govern the business processes across various sectors and thus it is the responsibility of the human resource managers to ensure that their organizations comply. Among the causes of compliance issues in business are differences in human resource hiring. An organization with an efficient pool of resources will tend to hire highly qualified workforce while an organization which lacks enough resources such as small and mid-sized organizations have a lower rate of hiring top talent, highly skilled workforce. According to Rode, Huang & Flynn (2016), the differences in hiring top talent among organizations impacts business processes which in turn influences their competitiveness in the industry. The failure of the small and medium-sized business to hiring top talent in the industry has resulted in a low level of confidence among the businesses. These businesses, therefore, have resulted in non-compliance of the human resources laws and regulations. Compliance issues among organizations have resulted in many seeking professional support to formulate strategies to ensure that they comply. The organizations have even gone further to outsource human resource services from internationally recognized human resource firms.

Therefore, it is advisable for organizations to consider taking the necessary steps to ensure that they address the noncompliance issues during the early stages. The business should consider installing a rigid human resource department which is equipped with sufficient resources. This will ensure that the organization is capable of handling human resources issues which may arise concerning employees, salaries as well as issues concerning taxes. An up-to-date human resource department will ensure that an organization avoids legal issues which might arise through the failure of the organization to comply with the laws and regulations governing human resource. According to Rode et al (2016), it is imperative for organizations to strive to work effectively in the increasingly competitive business environment. To achieve this, organizations should comply with human resource laws and regulations as this will ensure that they attract and retain a highly qualified workforce which in turn improves the efficiency of the organization.

In addition to compliance issues, another common human resource challenge among organizations is enticing talent and generating opportunities for new talent. Human resource department is responsible for the process of hiring and training as well allocation of duties to the new employees in an organization. This is a very challenging endeavour which when not effectively conducted would result in a workforce which does not hold the skills and knowledge required as well as the values of the organization. According to Mello, (2014) organizations face the challenge of failure to recruit a strong workforce despite the high unemployment rates across many economies. This is as a result of reliance on human resource departments which lack the sufficient resources to conduct effective recruitment programs.

Lastly, the other common human resource challenge experienced by many organizations globally is the lack of servant leadership in the organization. The lack of servant leadership organization leads to failure of finding enticing technical talent as well as generating opportunities for new talent. To address this issue, organizations should create strategies whereby the organizations can directly source top talent from institutions of higher learning as well as technical organizations. In addition, organizations can rely on outsourcing human resource services from human resource firms in the recruitment of an organization's workforce. Failure to ensure that there is a presence of servant leadership in an organization will result in low levels of job satisfaction which in turn leads to high employee turnover.

Literature review

According to Rainnie (2016), training and development are among the human resource functions which can be used to ensure competency and efficiency of an organization's workforce. This study by Rainnie (2016), organizations through the human resource departments should ensure that it equips its workforce with the skills and knowledge to ensure that they perform their duties effectively and efficiently. Organizational development will be influenced by the management of training and employee development. This according to Rainnie (2016), means that those organizations which fail to acquire new techniques for development and success through training of its workforce, it is likely to result in business failure eventually. Enhancement of technological achievements by training employees by ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills, as well as acquire new ethos drills of the concept of success in an organization is crucial for the success of an organization. Rainnie (2016) finally states that human resource assists organizational development as it incorporates practices that pools talent together for the benefit of the organization.

According to Ok and Vandenberghe (2016), human resource plays a significant role in organizational development. According to the results of this research, the ever-changing business environment requires organizations to align the various organizational departments so as to increase organizational efficiency. Ok and colleague argues that the best way to encourage completion in the industrial market while at the same time increasing productivity, it is imperative for organizations to incorporate Human Resource (HR) and Organizational Development (OD). Organizational Development (OD) proposes a criterion that can be implemented by organizations to realize positive results in the change process. These researchers state that OD and HR assist human resource departments to create an environment whereby the workforce enjoys a close relationship with the management. This research sought to analyze the relations between human resource function and organizational development in business. According to the researchers, the employment of a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce ensures that an organization attains efficiency and success which leads to organizational development. Human resource according to Ok and Vandenberghe (2016), human resources promotes job placement as well as organizational efficiency through screening, interviewing and hiring of competent staff which can be tasked with delivering higher performance. An organization archives organizational efficiency as well as business success through the adoption of a skilled workforce (Ok & Vandenberghe, 2016).

In a research study conducted by Douglas (2015), the human resource department plays a key role in ensuring that an organization has performed as per the expectations to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Despite the disparities in the HR strategies implemented across organizations in the various industries as well as countries, the common factor is the aim of HR which is to ensure organizational development through an effective and efficient workforce. The results from this study reiterate the findings by other research studies conducted on this the current research question; there must be a good relationship between the employees and the management of an organization to achieve business success. This indicates that the HR department plays a key role in the overall performance of an organization. Douglas (2015), states that planning is an important step in the staffing process carried out by the HR department. HR should plan for the future by carrying out a forecast to determine the appropriate staffing levels as well as develop strategic plans to achieve the determined levels (Douglas, 2015). Throughout the Bible, planning is reiterated a number of times whereby the followers are asked to plan ahead through prayer to seek guidance. It is therefore imperative that the HR department carries out appropriate planning to ensure that the staffing process is carried out according to the employment gaps in a particular organization. Failure to plan adequately will result in the hiring of the under-qualified workforce who in turn will result in business failure.

Hardy describes the historical, philosophical and theological and practical nature of work from the Christian perspective. According to Hardy (1990), work is essential because it develops a sense of identity and purpose in life thus enabling us to understand our positioning in various schemes when we interact with people. The paper will also review Mello's work Strategic human resource management which discusses the aspect of training and development in an organization. Mellow (2015), notes that organizations are increasingly embracing the idea of training and development making it a continuous practice depending on the needs of an organization. Other articles, books or journals that will be...

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