Free Essay: Nurses Long Term Care Reimbursement

Published: 2023-03-02
Free Essay: Nurses Long Term Care Reimbursement
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Long-term care is the social, health, and residential services offered to chronically disabled individuals and other patients requiring special medical attention in different places over a long period. Emergency chronic diseases significantly determine the utilization and need for long-term medical care services, an individual's disability, and incidents of accidents in health centers and different residential areas. With the emergence of different medical attention requirements by the population in the country due to the emergence of various diseases in health centers and suburban areas, governments are playing a crucial role in the financing of long-term medical care in the country.

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The emergence of the new types of diseases has resulted in changes that have led to a significant impact on the long term care reimbursement on nurse's operation and the patients requiring the attention of the nurses. For instance, the evolvement of the population healthcare has compelled the health sector to become more competitive in terms of attracting and providing the relevant medical services to patients. The nurses have to be adapt to the changing needs of the patients to remain connected to their work. This has created a challenge in the recruitment and retention of nurses. This is usually a primary challenge to the nurses who are subjected to offer long term medical care to patients that are away from the health centers. The remuneration of these nurses also becomes a problem for the government sometimes. Sometimes even the patients face a problem, and there might be a lack of skilled nurses to offer the proper medical attention. It is there essential for the government to take the necessary measure to equip the nurses with the skills required.

Changes in the long term reimbursement have led to the improvement of quality in medical care and at the same time, have led to an increase in the cost incurred in providing medical attention to patients. Through offering practical training to nurses, the patients can receive the relevant services in health centers, and also elderly patients can access the proper medical attention. The government should, at all times, focus on the quality of the medical care that should be offered to patients at different places of the country. The government should not focus on the cost that will be incurred but should only focus on the medical welfare of the citizens.

The long term care reimbursement changes in medical care have promoted the ease in operations of the nurses due to proper remuneration and acquisition of the relevant skills. Nurses can attend to the needs of all the patients at their residential places and at health centers. It is, therefore, crucial for the nurses to focus on the needs of the patients at all the sites and not only in health centers. Nurses Long Term Care Reimbursement

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