Essay Sample about Unexplained Phenomena

Published: 2019-09-06
Essay Sample about Unexplained Phenomena
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People are living in the current world are just lucky to live in a time when there is enough information that offers explanations to why things are the way they are. Our great grandfathers were not that lucky as they lived in the word where they could not get scientific explanations of some phenomenon. For example, although they were aware of light and darkness they could not explain the reason behind it. What people cannot get scientific explanations about weird things is what is referred as unexplained phenomena.

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The strange disappearances in the triangle of Bermuda, it is always reported that people have disappeared in that part of the Atlantic Ocean where even the ships and planes also disappear. The mystery is yet to be understood, as no explanation is available as to explain.

The mystery of what has transpired over time is also another phenomenon that needs explanation, and no one has ever explained. For instance, the Pyramid of Egypt, the construction of these Pyramids is just a wonder how were they constructed and yet there was not such architectural knowledge that exists now? Even with the knowledge that exists currently, still it's hard to comprehend how they were constructed. In addition, there are other mysteries regarding constructions about Stonehenge in England and the Easter Island. These building and the Island seems to have used advanced skills and tools that did not exist in such time, another question that frequently asked is the reason for building them and how they were constructed.

Our bodies do have mysteries too, how our mind works a puzzle that needs an explanation, as no one knows the coordination of the body and the mind. For example, Uri Geller is prominent for being capable of bending spoons just by meditating on them. Albeit, the mystery of stories of the ghost around the world as no one has ever explained dead come back to live.

The mysteries of Earth are phenomena that do not contain any explanations such as, newspaper report that appears every summer reporting about the crop circle in agriculturalists fields. The question that needs an explanation is who makes the crop circle and the reason for doing so. In addition, the rain that rain all over the world is a mystery since occasionally the rain brings down the frogs, sand, and fish from tens of thousands of miles away and sometimes it can rain fire too.

Science sometimes provides an explanation by trying to find answers and then create theories, when such theories have answered it leads to even more question to be asked. Though is hard to believe that science will provide explanations to all existing phenomena. For example, the theories that explain the existence of the sun, star, and the earth The passing star theory Leads to more questions since the theory does not account for the origin of the passing star, this brings doubts if the world can rely on scientific explanation which means Mysteries will never be solved.

In conclusion, the majority of the mysteries were initiated in ancient time, when there were no records. Only construction or stones exist. There are no records or history materials that can explain how Nazca line, Pyramids, and Easter Island were constructed, for instance. This illustrates that individuals of that time had different skills and thinking about their surroundings. Nevertheless, one-day historian may learn about what happened.

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