Essay Sample on Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing

Published: 2023-08-06
Essay Sample on Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing
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Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing on Friday, May 2020 presents the latest stories or news with a list of interest groups mentioned within the same stories. Some of the main notable groups mentioned in the briefing include Congress and its interest in COVID liability protection, fact check, Kansas, and a political cartoon, among other groups with specific information. Each of the mentioned groups within Kaiser Health News's briefing has a particular interest. Among those groups listed in the briefing, a congress is a political group with an interest in liability protection, where healthcare providers' values and safety are made viable. What has just been explained demonstrates the interest of the mentioned group, liability protection where states shield health providers. Kansas, within the KNH briefing, covers the second group with interest. The group's interest also lies in the healthcare news context, where it aims to count all positive cases of COVID-19 even when patients show no apparent symptoms. The essay broadly analyses daily briefs by Kaiser Health News by listing several groups addressed within the news such as congress and a category of issues covered according to politics and politicians, among other class of categories provided.

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As earlier introduced, congress and Kansas cover two main groups addressed in the daily briefs by Kaiser Health News, among other groups. Information covered by each of these groups broadly explains their interests. Congress's interest lies in the liability protection of health providers. In the context of Kansas, the group seeks to count all positive cases of COVID-19, even when patients show no symptoms. In the context of categories, each of the mentioned issues in the briefing is categorized into politics and politicians, access to health care, healthcare insurance, healthcare legislation, money, and drugs, among other classes of categories ("Friday, May 15, 2020", 2020). Another coronavirus causality and California's budget addressed falls into access to the health care category. The issue addressed by Congress falls into a category of politics, and Kansas issues regarding the concept of COVID-19 cases lie in the healthcare legislation group, among other classes of problems covered by KHN.

To sum up, the assignment focuses on KHN's daily briefing by listing several groups, including Kansas stating their interests. Additionally, it categorizes issues presented by KHN in its briefing, for example, an issue addressed by Congress into a political and politicians categories. Political Cartoons is an issue within the presentation which falls into political and politician categories, among other groups of interest.


Friday, May 15, 2020. Kaiser Health News. (2020). Retrieved 16 May 2020, from

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