Essay Sample about the Video Game Project

Published: 2022-07-19
Essay Sample about the Video Game Project
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Video games are games played with the aid of the electronic devices in which images are manipulated and produced on the display screen like that of a computer. The electronic games are very important because they act as socializing agents more so when they involve more than one person in the same exercise. It serves as a way of making and maintaining friendship since those who had once played together would always want to associate with each other. Bavelier (2012) argued that participation in the video games occurs as a significant physical activity in which the psychological processes in one's body are manipulated; the effect can either be positive or negative. The impacts of the activities among the participants have influenced many to come up with some myths which are sometimes able to influence others concerning their experience with the games.

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Video Game Played

I chose to play Batman: Arkham City for Sony play station 3 (ps3), which is a video game console developed by the Sony Computer Entertainment emerging as the successor to the PlayStation 2 (ps2). The game is based on the unique features of the foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which players end up soaring into Arkham town more than 5 times the size of the game world in Batman. This directs the players to this region since it provides the safe havens for the thugs, gangsters and the insane criminal masterminds of Gotham City. There are aggressive activities involving many people which occur within seriously fortified walls. Individuals have come from various parts of the world to participate in which each would like to demonstrate their expertise with regard to the standards of the Dark Knight.

I played the game myself and played the part of one those fortified by Mayor Sharp in the middle of Gotham. The situation occurred as if we were in prison however we continued to show the willingness to continue fighting. I also felt the need to be at Asylum to have the opportunity to identify and follow up what would be going on at the given place. The video game had serious cognitive influence in me as I, at some point, imagined that I was actually physically involved in the situation. I would be tempted to react as a gangster in the incident. I also imagined how the criminals were feeling now that they were enclosed between strong walls leading their lives as captives. I considered the situation not bearable to those involved and this had a significant impact on my psychological existence. The gaming session also had some positive impacts on me as well; for instance, it was an important way through I was able to break boredom. I therefore considered the moment as a remedy to the unnecessary idleness, and in the course, I was able to be entertained as while trying to fit in the game.

Myths outlined in the video Your Brain on Videogames

Myths are used to understand the experiences of the videogame participants with the associated exercises. Some of them are just suggestions which could not be informed by considerable facts while others explain the situations better. One of the myths outlined in the video "Your Brain on Videogames" is that only children play video games, and it is always believed by many them are averagely aged 8 years are the common participants in such activities. According to Zhang, Yi and Yan (2016), this argument is based on the fat that more than 90 percent of the players are children. The cultural belief could be arising from the idea that children do not have many tasks to attend to, hence are able to allocate more time to play video games. The other myth arising from the video is that the players have the ability to determine the occurrence of attention to the activity, which will eventually determine their performance (Steinberg, Shirley and Joe 2011). The myth derives from the belief that a long term exposure to such video games increases the experience of the player in which he or she is able to determine the occurrence and the ultimate effect of his or her attention in the course of playing.

Cognitive research, on this note, has a considerable role to play in understanding how the myths apply in explaining the experience of the video play participants. It is very important to note participation in the games is common among individuals irrespective of one's age. Concerning my experience of game-play, I really enjoyed the moment in which I took a significant span of time, as a grown up. Therefore, not all participants in the videogames are children and the game chosen depends on one's center of interest (Kowert, Rachel and Thorsten 2016). The issue of the performance as a independent factor of one's experience, is applicable; this is because whoever is playing a game for a second or subsequent time is able to be more attentive having had prior experiences. According to Junco (2014) this will influence the overall performance of the individual in question. This is depicted in the video game that I played; it was one in which I had already participated earlier and I therefore I ensured that my attention was adequate. I was finally able to achieve some of the objectives that I set regarding the standards of the game.

Applications of the Aspects of Video Game Play

Various aspects of the video play emerged in the course of the exercise in which I participated. This implies that they would apply in a standard video game and it would be inevitable to disregard them. One of the aspects is the role play, which is the act of imitating the behaviors and characters of another person who is different from oneself (Steinberg, Shirleya and Joe 2011). By participating in the game, I assumed the role played by one of the characters in the game. It therefore served as a form of dramatic performance in which an individual appears in the game as a different person to accomplish a given mission.

The other aspect was Escapism; it is the tendency for a human being to seek relief and distraction from an unpleasant reality, especially by engaging in fantasy seeking or entertainment. I utilized the video game, Batman: Arkham City for Sony ps3 to distract me from the psychological conditions which were not healthy to my body. I was able to diverge my attention elsewhere to have a different form of experience which would rather be interesting. In the course attending to the situation, I got entertained by embracing the world of fantasy. The game presented a context of fiction however it was very important to me based on significant psychological-based intervention.


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