Importance of Diversity in the Workplace - Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-06
Importance of Diversity in the Workplace - Essay Example
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Diversity in the workplace refers to an association or company that purposely recruits employees that consist of persons of diverse race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, and other characteristics (Morley, 2018). Other differences may include skills, personal experiences, values, and motivation. Diversity in the workplace generates a plethora of advantages, both from an external and internal viewpoint. However, executing diversity or inclusion initiatives at work has extraordinary challenges. The purpose of this paper involves an examination of whether diversity remains an important initiative for organizations.

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When firms recruit individuals from varied cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, it brings a novel range of perspectives. Such ingenuity ensures gains like effective problem solving and enhanced productivity (Morley, 2018). However, introducing new views may lead to fear of possible discomfort or unpopular ideas. An organization that embraces inclusion and diversity attracts a wider talent pool, ensuring it draws the best talent. However, firms that consider unimportant characteristics during the recruitment process can reduce the number of individuals to cogitate (Morley, 2018). Inclusion and diversity in the workplace create innovation. A homogenous workforce may operate similarly, limiting creativity, while heterogeneous groups give distinctive ideas that can ensure breakthroughs in reason.

Diversity and inclusion create an environment in which personnel experiences diverse cultures, ways of reasoning, and backgrounds, making them appreciate their self-image and self-esteem, which can guarantee higher productivity and a happy workforce. A robust homogenous philosophy can suppress natural intellectual multiplicity because of the intensity to conform (Morley, 2018). A diverse and inclusive crew performs better than a homogenous team, hence increasing its profit generation (Morley, 2018). Some of the challenges include aligning diversity culture with exceptional company goals and objectives. Employing a diversity-study to establish the firm's specific aims can help the effective deployment of resources.

Diversity Philosophy

After the formulation of the company's diversity philosophy, there must be a team, resources, and required support to implement the initiative. Training on diversity culture can help employees familiarize and adopt the idea of diversity easily and smoothly (Morley, 2018). Organizations must overcome prejudice when it embraces diversity since several decisions get founded on predispositions, intuition, and beliefs without considering facts or logic that can affect the operations of a firm that embraces diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion can create internal resistance in an organization.


The purpose of this paper entailed establishing whether diversity and inclusion remain an important aspect of the workplace. From the arguments highlighted in this paper, diversity and inclusion remain key to achieving success and enhancing workers' productivity, which translates to improved revenue creation. Embracing diversity and inclusion, therefore, does not only exist as the smartest initiative to implement in a business venture, but also the correct action to take for humanity.


Morley, T. (2018). Making the business case for diversity and inclusion. Strategic HR Review.

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