Free Essay. The Federal Law of Anti-Discrimination of Race, Age, Gender, and Disability

Published: 2023-04-13
Free Essay. The Federal Law of Anti-Discrimination of Race, Age, Gender, and Disability
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Several federal laws were brought about at various times, and all serve different purposes as far as the lives of citizens of the USA are concerned. The introduction, implementation of laws, and certain acts require a keen knowledge of their workability of them as well as the corresponding outcomes of the law implementation. Out of all the laws that are introduced, not all of them can perform or work as expected of them. At the same time, others work well and achieve the purpose of their making effectively and with ease. Certain policies were observed and followed in the creation of federal laws.

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A step-by-step analysis of the federal law of discrimination is essential to identify the formation, the process of their implementation, and lastly the way the rules have functioned in their land of application. This paper focuses on looking at the federal laws of anti-discrimination and civil rights laws. These are laws that apply throughout the whole of the United States, and they are aimed at protecting people or rather the citizens against racial, gender, and age as well as disability discrimination. They are the same laws that protect United States citizens against tax fraud and counterfeiting of money (Spencer, 2017).

The paper looks at various aspects of the federal law against discrimination of age, gender, and disability. For example, a brief history of the law, the reasons which made it necessary to have the law introduced and implemented in the united states, the public policy prescription, market failure or government failure as far as the law is concerned, implementation of the law. Apart from these, the effects that were caused by the implementation of the law on society and businesses are also discussed. The scope also focuses on looking at the policy analysis, which is in terms of identifying whether the law was able to work, the strengths and weaknesses of the law, and lastly, the recommendations for the future improvements of the law. The rationale of this study is based on understanding how federal law came into existence and how it has been able to function in the lives of American people changing their way of life. The primary purpose is to identify the implementation processes of the law and the effects that have been brought by the law since it was put into action. The significance of the study is that it will help inform about the federal law against discrimination and summarize the ideas into whether the law has helped or has not.

Brief History

For so many years in the United States, there have been no laws that govern and control the various types of discrimination (Spencer, 2017). This has seen a high increase in cases of discrimination. The different discrimination cases that have been witnessed several in the United States are based on gender, age, disability, and race, as stated earlier. These kinds of discrimination have had negative impacts on the lives of the people.

So many areas have been affected by them, ranging from education, the delivery of public services, sporting, among other things (Badgett, 2018). In terms of gender, the people were being discriminated against based on whether they were male or female. Jobs were given on the gender basis and not with consideration of and individual to perform well in a particular field. This affected the economy of the United States in very negative ways and drew it back to unexpected levels. The age of an individual kept them from accessing some services because they were minors.

Racial discrimination had become so rampant in all parts of the United States in nearly all the areas of service delivery to the people. Before one could get any service, they had to be asked of the race they came from, and this would determine if they qualified for the services or not. The only people who were favored were the whites, while the blacks and other people from other races were left out in the giving of services, and if they were given the services, inferior quality of service was provided (Spencer, 2017). This was so much common in the delivery of health and educational services, among other areas that matter like sporting and recreation. The disabled were also not given the respect they deserve or treated equally as the other people in the United States.

The Necessity of the Federal Law

As a result of the adverse outcomes that came from the various kinds of discrimination, the United States government saw a need to have federal laws that would control and govern the treatment of all the people in the United States. The rules were made to make sure that all the people were protected against discrimination of their races, age, gender, or any type of disability. This means that the federal laws against discrimination were aimed at ensuring that there was equal treatment of all the people in the society regardless of their social status/class. Therefore the civil rights act was introduced in 1960, and it contained provisions about age, gender, race, and disability differences.

It was first applied in the year 1960 may when the government of the United States specified it and asked that no one was to be obstructed in their attempts to register as voters (Pizer, 2018). This law ensured that all groups of people in the United States were given their chance to carry out their democratic rights and elect the leaders of their own choice. Anyone who would bar another from registering as a voter was to be dealt with as per this law because that would be the discrimination which the law denies.

Public Policy Prescription

The introduction and implementation of this law were faced with several challenges. There were cases of some people violating this law and involving in discrimination of various types like looking down upon the disabled, the people of other races, and the ones considered as minors in terms of the age.

However, with the continuous implementation of this law by the government with a lot of seriousness, nearly all the people of the United States started coping with the federal law and applying it in their daily lives (McLaughlin, 2018). As a result of this, within a couple of around five years of implementation, all the people had caught up with the law, and they were following it strictly. This was evident when the cases of gender biasness and or discrimination on the age, gender, disability basis went down when compared to the earlier years when these cases had become the order of the day.

However, there were a few people found guilty of violating the law and getting into discrimination in workplaces like hospitals, schools, banks, and other public service delivery areas. These people were dealt with by the process of the state law to make sure that they were corrected and warned not to involve in this discrimination again. There are also some cases of discrimination of people even in the present days, but they are not as many and severe as they were sometimes back when the laws had not been enacted and implemented (Johnson, 2019).

The present-day in the United States shows all the changes that were brought about by federal law against discrimination of age, gender, and race. So many people of different races, the disabled, and of all sexes are harmoniously living in the various parts of the United States, and the fact is that this has had very positive effects on the productivity of the United States as well as that of individual persons. The population of the US has been mixed up with people from all races and corners of the world who have gone there to do business, education, as workers in various fields.

It took the people of the United States so many years to adopt and adapt the federal law against discrimination because the negative vises were still so much familiar among the people. There was segregation of the children in schools because the whites never wanted their children to study in the same schools or classes with those of the blacks. This was a behavior among all the whites in the United States. As a result of the alienation on school grounds, performance went down in the educational sector (Lamade, 2019).

The blacks were considered as outsiders and they had no right to enjoy the same privileges and rights as the whites. At some point, there occurred wrangles between the whites and blacks in the strive of the black people to be granted their rights to education and be treated with respect as the other people of native America. This caused severe chaos and conflicts in the educational sector, which affected the quality of education, making the government want to get away that and act as the best solution to this problem.

In the institutions offering public services, there were rampant problems of discrimination of disabled people. For example, in many of the healthcare institutions in the United States, the disabled would be ignored by health professionals and other patients. Some would stay on the hospital grounds for a long time without anyone attending to them if they had nobody like a relative to assist them in getting all that was required for their treatment (Johnson, 2019). The mobility of disabled people like the lame was a challenge when it came to getting services where people were required to queue and get the services delivered to them in the order of their arrival.

Most of them suffered long periods of waiting as no one was there to move them, and if anyone bypassed them for the service, they would be returned and asked to wait until everyone else who had come before the was attended to. This was a violation of the rights of the disabled because they are supposed to be taken good care of and protected from any kind of mistreatment. The enactment of the federal law against discrimination was intended to end this problem that had faced the disabled for a very long time and affected the way they received public services.

The worst of the worst was in the judicial system, where all people went to seek justice after cases of mistreatment in different areas of life. There has been an issue with the legal system of the United States for a long time because the judiciary is known for not granting equal treatment to all the people in their cases. It always gets the will \of the powerful done at the expense of the poor and the less able in the society. Many cases that involved the rich and poor people or minors of a young age versus the older people were not judged fairly, and in most of them, the disabled, young, and people of the race were not given justice by the tribunal (Leonard, 2018).

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