Commentary - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-01
Commentary - Free Essay Example
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In the text, the writer describes her experience when purchasing a new car. The writer's tone leaves the reader with the impression that the whole experience was awful and a waste of time. In the initial inspection, the reader gets the idea that the writer intended to convey a serious message when she stated that she wanted a model with manual controls because she had a problem with her leg. However, on further investigation, the reader realizes that her peculiar choice of vocabulary and her blunt expressions created a sort of humorous mood. This brings the thought that her intent might have been to humor the reader with her disability.

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The use of the phrase "cheap monstrosities" is a hyperbole. The writer intends to show the reader that she had the ability and was capable of purchasing the Zaporozhet. Her vocabulary throughout the paper is raw and direct, meaning she is no beating around the bush. She makes it clear that her experience with the woman in charge of the cars was unpleasant until she had to write to her superiors about her incompetence and performance at her cushy job.

The writer states that the victory was intoxicating, so the writer, her husband, and a friend rushed off to get the car. The use of the word "intoxicating" and the fact that they were not sure on what to get on the forecourt crowded with Zaporozhetses suggests that the kind of car they will get is similar to an intoxicant, meaning it is dangerous, abandoned, and neglected. The writer states that when they entered the forecourt, they were taken aback. Each car had missing parts. The icy garage boss reluctantly informed them that that's how the new cars came.

When the reader encounters the author's friend (Andrei) reaction to the situation he found himself in, the reader starts to question if the situation was horrible as the writer described it. At first, the friend is seen to embrace the intoxicating victory by driving the writer and her husband to the icy garage. Later, the friend is seen to be complaining when the writer says that each driving lesson is not working, and he shrugs, “evidently, me neither.” This indicates that Andrei was dissatisfied with the driving lesson.

In the last two paragraphs, the author states that she was not biologically compatible with the car, an incompatibility that later spread to the whole family. Previously, the writer had mentioned that all her efforts to tame the iron friends of invalids were unsuccessful. The writer's family develops the idea that they give the car to somebody, but all their plans were ineffective. This creates an expression that the writer would have instead stayed at home than waste her time looking for a new car that would only end up as a home for street cats.

Taking into consideration all the elements of the passage, the reader is left with the impression that the writer did not want to buy the car but to prove that the humiliated invalids can also influence a situation. She once stated that getting the car was rather unaffected by just proofing that her leg acted weirdly. The reader is left wondering if the main aim of the writer was to force her audience to question why some people react to certain situations the way they do. The writer had a car that the ice garage boss referred to as a real Mercedes, yet she wanted to purchase another one of lower quality. Is it because of being invalid, their unhappiness, or they want to be in their comfort zones forever?

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