Free Essay Sample on American Presidential Elections

Published: 2019-10-16
Free Essay Sample on American Presidential Elections
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As we approach the 2016 presidential race, there has been heat up in the contest which shows what is likely to be expected during the election. As such, there is a need for citizens of the U.S to critically analyze matters clearly before it gets tougher. Gauging the current situation of the presidential race, it is quite clear that this presidential race will be the murkiest politics ever seen in history of the United States politics.

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Candidates from both sides of the campaign have been attacking each other in a bid to bring each other down. Moreover, issues to do with racism have been duly noted to rise especially during this campaigning period. Hillary Clinton, one of the presidential candidates and the Democratic flag bearer, has been attacked by the Republicans as being an elitist that is out of touch and untrustworthy (Tau). Things from her past have ever since begun to be used against her, and it is expected that more of her history is to be exposed soon.

Each and every election year it has been noted that the current election is usually classified to be the dirtiest in history. However, these 2016 elections have been way up the border as what has been currently witnessed is much more than in the previous elections. We do not have to point the finger at the politicians for the evils and divisions that have cropped up in America amid campaigns. We blame ourselves in such cases as our actions towards what the politicians are doing are what are affecting the campaign. The two presidential parties Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have 50 percent unfavorable ratings from the electorate. The electorate rating itself brings up the negativity campaign of 2016 as opposed to other years.

Polarization refers to the divergence of political attitudes which has been a defining feature in the 21st century in the politics of America. Political polarization has been experienced both in the public and the elected officials. Several reasons are associated with the polarization experienced in the United States. The leading cause of polarization in the U.S is the increase in the number of people who express conservative and consistent liberal opinions. The number has doubled over the years to about 21% which in turn has resulted in the decrease of the ideological overlap between the political parties. Most of the Republicans at the moment take positions depending on the ideological compositions of their parties.

Conversely, the antipathy of the partisan has increased in the United States, where the number of Republicans that have unfavorable opinions about the Democrats has increased significantly (Galston). On the other hand, the numbers of Democrats that have negative opinions regarding Republicans has also gained numbers. The increase in the unfavorable impression by opposing parties has been witnessed; this has brought much tension to the safety and freedom of the Americans.

Also, the political polarization in the United States has been increasing as a result of participation of ideological Americans in each and every stage of the political process. The ideologists make themselves heard through their greater involvement in the political process ("Why Voters Dont Care That Clinton and Trump Lie"). The ideologist has been able to double the amount of donations that they receive as compared to the national average.

There has been a controversy which is based on which side between the ideological right and left should get more of what they want. A significant number of people (62%) argue that the deal between the gap and President Obama should be closer regarding the desires of the president. Following this, the Republicans have been proposing for change in the health care system that may replace President Obama health care plan which has to provide medical accessibility to every citizen who cannot afford a healthcare insurance plan. The current project encourages people to depend on private insurance which may be way too expensive for the low income earners.

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