Paper Example. A Personal Statement on How Fine Art Enhances My Personal Life

Published: 2023-03-28
Paper Example. A Personal Statement on How Fine Art Enhances My Personal Life
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All my life, I have always been driven by curiosity and imagination. On one hand, I am keen on learning and understanding new objects, people, and cultures. On the other hand, I like creating new ideas and objects in my mind that I, thereafter, turn them into reality. Creating ideas and transforming them into actual objects requires a set of skills that interconnects them. To this end, I consider fine art to be the connection where an artist conceives a visual or musical work and then creates a masterpiece from it. Equally, I liken fine art to a puzzle made up of several ideas that one has to examine keenly to solve. The journey, which art drives me through when conceiving ideas and creating objects from these ideas, is always an absorbing experience. In this regard, fine art enhances my personal life by enabling me to express my thoughts and emotions, creating a therapeutic feeling when stressed, and making me happy due to its beauty.

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It is through fine art that I express my inner self to the outside world. Fine art touches my soul and influences my perceptions, emotions and thoughts, then links them to the external environment. As an artist, I convey my experiences and passions through drawings and paintings in a way that most people can relate. For instance, I am an ardent champion of the vital role that women play in society not just in household settings but in workplaces as well. I have expressed this passion by drawing a portrait of a mother breastfeeding her child while seated in an office desk. Through such a painting, people understand my enthusiasm about women possibly better than they would if I had explained to them in words.

Additionally, fine art has a therapeutic effect on my day-to-day life. When I am stressed or exhausted and go through some paintings or recite poems, I experience a relaxing and gratifying feeling that accelerates the recovery back to my normal state of mind. Owing to my creativity, I do not have to view other people's artworks but also compose mine to relief the frustrations and, ultimately sooth my mind. As such, I can deal with health problems that may arise from negative mental states.

Closely related to this therapeutic effect is the feeling of happiness that I get when creating and admiring artworks. Creating beauty is an art and it is the love for this beauty that makes me joyful. The walls in my living room are decorated with portraits, some of which I did, while others I bought. I always love looking at portraits any time I am in the house irrespective of my current moods. When I am not admiring the portraits, I am possibly listening to musical pieces done by other artists. Unsurprisingly, the pleasure I find in other people's beautiful arts inspires me to recreate more unique works that can fascinate more enthusiasts of arts. I, especially, get inspired the most when attending events taking place in the art world such as by art fairs or visiting art galleries.

Having experienced the vital role of arts in my life, I am eager to further my artistic skills by learning more concepts about fine arts. This way, I will not only be creative but also knowledgeable of the principles of fine arts and gain a holistic understanding of the art world. Ultimately, I will utilize the knowledge and skills achieved to improve myself as an artist and work on my brand gradually. My goal is to become a renowned artist across the country and even globally.

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