Be Aware of Toys - Free Essay on Gender Biases

Published: 2022-05-06
Be Aware of Toys - Free Essay on Gender Biases
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Thank you as always for motivating us to do a better job day by day and to make much emphasis on the impact that we as teachers' anti-bias curriculum have on students' lives. Children play with toys on a daily basis and require maximum regulation and guidance to guarantee positive behaviors. Toys influence student's behavior. According to the Schema theory, a student likely acquires the traits from some of the toys and always wants to behave like the toys.

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Toys are associated with sexism, strength, masculinity, and dominance. Companies manufacturing toys have failed to promote equality and equity among the children. The toys for boys exhibit a high level of masculinity, strength, and dominance over the toys for the girls. The biases in the development of the toys result in gender biases among children, which is very detrimental to the future of the society (Girls, 2015). The Schema theory stipulates that such boys grow up with a negative attitude towards girls. They believe they are superior to girls and always seek to dominate in every activity.

Marketing activities of the toy-producing firms play an integral role in the behavioral development of the children. The toy manufacturing must incorporate both the teachers and parents in the marketing strategies to ensure equality and effectiveness of the advertisements. Teachers and parents better understand the impact of the toys for the children and incorporating them in the decision-making process guarantees the protection of children's rights. Investigating occupation related toys ensures companies manufacture and market unbiased toys to the students (Edwards, 2017). Companies mainly target children and, therefore, parents should understand the strategy used by the companies to ensure fair representation of gender. Understanding the strategy used by the toy manufacturing companies is a great curriculum idea and promotes equal representation and growth of students.

Comment about the PowerPoint and the Video

Disney films promote gender biases among the children. The films involve muscular, strong and dominant toys for boys and weak toys for girls. The toys affect the behavior of the students, as boys feel superior to girls. It leads to gender biases among the children. Sexism, strength, and dominance should not be the focus of toys. Toys should promote equality and equity among the boys and girls. Public participation is key to the development of effective and unbiased strategies by the toy-manufacturing firms. Public opinion helps the companies understand the aim and gender goals of the society. It leads to the development of toys that promote equality and equity among children.


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