How did Marijuana Become Illegal? Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-08-28
How did Marijuana Become Illegal? Free Essay Sample
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The documentary analyzes the illegality of marijuana, how and when it happened. The film portrays how and why marijuana was initially banned. Marijuana is the most popular drug in the world, and was initially used to create euphoria and sooth pain. The Chinese herbalists used marijuana to sooth body pains, menstrual pains and heal malaria. However, it was latter noted that this was just a reason in disguise. The plant challenged authority, a vice which could never be tolerated. The truth of the matter is that marijuana is a harmful drug which can harm and destroy the lives of its users. The drug is also highly addictive. Majority of marijuana users were characterized with violence, depression and lack of coordination of the mind, which led to inactivity. The drug raises the euphoria, sensitivity and paranoid feelings to the users who later becomes depressed and are unable to actively engage in any productive activity (Youtube Documentary, 2012).

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By 1920s the American government started feeling the effect as the drug was shipped from Mexico and sold in jazz clubs as cigarettes. The drug had the potential to increase violence, rape and crime, and this caused the alarm to the state law makers. Louisiana was among the first state to ban the drug, unless it was for medical use. Slowly the ban spread to the rest of the states, as it had caused more harm to the users. According to the law makers, marijuana barred its users their right state of mind, and could make them behave in a very awkward and orthodox manner. Its consumption lessened peoples productivity, and for this reason, the American government lacked the need of the many Mexicans who had already been harmed by the drug. According to the film, the banning of marijuana was not only the best thing to do, but also safe guarded the Americans future, which was earlier threatened by the drug (Youtube Documentary, 2012).

The film relates well with the course discussions which majors with addiction and its effects. Just like discussed during our sessions in class, various effects such as withdrawal problems, tolerance and inability to stop were similar addiction problems that affected marijuana users. Just like marijuana, alcohol and other addictive drugs have continued to significantly affect the contemporary world, to a point that restrictive policies which seeks to ban and reduce their consumptions is vital. The state should however design good mechanism on how to manage and reduce addiction amongst the drug users. Such measures should not be punitive as the measures which were initially undertaken by the US government to deport the Mexican citizens. Effective and efficient measures such as awareness and training should be employed since such measures are long-term in nature and not inhuman.

Personally, I think, the ban on drugs has greatly lowered their consumption making the society and the world more productive. In my opinion, such documentaries need to be re-introduced into the learning institution, since they help us understand the root cause of the drug addiction, which has continued to affect our world. Such film helps us better where we are coming from as a nation and why we should never relent on the fight against drugs. The film also enlightens us on the medicinal value of marijuana, and how that value came to be abused by the users (Youtube Documentary, 2012).


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