Traits of a Scholar, Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-09
Traits of a Scholar, Free Essay Example
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For one to succeed and become an accomplished scholar, it is crucial for one to have certain attributes. These traits are critical not only in attaining the required qualification for graduation as a student but also enable one to make a breakthrough in life as a professional. Intellectual curiosity and great communication skills are some of the essential attributes one needs have to succeed as a scholar.

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It is a personal, well-considered view that intellectual curiosity enables one to ask questions and seek the right answers to some of the most puzzling questions on various issues about humanity and the world. An intellectually curious person questions why certain problems are handled in a particular prescribed manner. Also, an intellectually curious individual asks questions the current human resources can be exploited to create superior knowledge for the betterment of humanity and human experience. This is accomplished by seeking answers from the best available literature and living academics. In other words, intellectual curiosity enables prospective scholars to learn new concepts, question the conclusions of previous scholars, and also contribute to scholarship by adding new knowledge to the academic community. Although curiosity may be harmful in some occasions, it can significantly enrich one's knowledge if it is used in a manner that visualizes nature and its complex phenomena. Given this attribute, I am convinced that having such a trait would enable me achieve the best of scholarship upon enrolling at your institution.

Another vital attribute is exceptional communication skills. Communication makes it possible for knowledge to be transferred from one individual to another and actualizes our social interactions on daily basis. In a campus setting, having great communication skills would enable me engage effectively in academic discussions not only with fellow students but also with accomplished scholars. These skills are essential in the sense that being intellectually curious alone may not mold one into a successful scholar because information acquired must be applied in real-life situations to create for value for us. In terms of application, it requires excellent communication skills to complement intellectual curiosity in order to get appropriate explanations and clarifications of concepts and ideas from those individuals with more in-depth knowledge about them. Additionally, having good communication skills can help me forge healthy partnerships with other learners for a common benefit. In any case, engaging others in academic discussions is what builds existing knowledge and offers perspectives about some of the unresolved concepts about humanity and other living things.

Having excellent communication skills or intellectual curiosity can propel one to the highest levels of scholarship. But having the two traits in a single individual creates more potential for academic success. It is my conviction that my intellectual curiosity and great communication skills would enable me succeed at your institution. It is my sincere hope that the academic leadership of the school would consider this application and make a favorable determination. I hope to hear from you soon.

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