Free Essay Example: Headline Contributions of Barrack Obama

Published: 2023-01-17
Free Essay Example: Headline Contributions of Barrack Obama
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This newsletter is primarily about leadership, its meaning, examples of recognized global leaders. This article majorly talks about Former US President Barrack Obama and his leadership styles and techniques, the hard leadership choices he had to make in his capacity and the impact he had on the U.S citizens. A leader is a person who serves people in whatever position he or she is in. Leaders have to establish trustable relationships with those that they lead and also themselves. Leadership positions permit the leaders to exert their influence on the people they lead.

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Content Former U.S President Barack Obama was the first black President of the United States ever in history and the 44 President of the U.S. He had shown his leadership skills and enthusiasm way long before his election into the White House. Obama had always involved himself with the community and supported many projects that were directed towards helping the community. During his regime as the U.S President, the country expanded its global connections in terms of businesses and even friendly talks with other countries. Obama developed a friendly America.

President Obama's leadership was a very exemplary one overtime. Getting involved with the community gained him publicity and he made it into the political arena. There are traits that generally showed that the former President, Barack Obama was going to be an effective leader of the United States. The five basic traits of a leader are openness (intellect), dependability otherwise called contentiousness, emotional stability, extroversion, and agreeableness. All these traits when well-played determine how good a leader can become.


Extraversion is the ability of a leader to show dominance in situations where they ought to do something. It involves leaders taking responsibility for their roles to their citizens. During his campaign, Barack Obama promised the U.S citizens a major change and used his slogan "Change we can believe in". After his elections, Obama strived to bring change to the U.S in many ways or all his 8 years in office. He did what he could do to keep his promises.He, however, did not deliver on all his promises because the Republican took over in his second term. The order he gave for the capturing and killing of Osama Bin Laden was a great move that reduced terrorism in the United States. Obama was a very sociable leader who was very enthusiastic about getting to know his people. He sought to connect with his audience whenever he had a hence to address them.


Obama was a very industrious man throughout even before he became a president. He always did what was best for his countrymen. Obama was and still is an organized leader who involved the people in his agendas. For example, in his speeches, he mostly used the collective word "we "instead of "I" or "you". For instance in his other slogan, "we can do it" which he used throughout his time in office. He rescued the country from the Great Recession by reducing unemployment rates from 10% to 4.7% in six years. This involved so much industry, planning, and organization.

Openness (Intellect)

Openness to experience is largely linked to extraversion since it involves taking action on whatever needed to be solved. It is the second greatest determinant of good leadership. Obama was open-tone ideas during his leadership such that he was able to expand the business environment. The U.S. started trading globally and cooperating with other companies without any discrimination: for example, when he helped negotiate the landmark Iran Nuclear Deal. Barrack welcomed new proposals into his leadership and also changed some policies such as the torture policies during the Bush era. Because of this, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and encourage cooperation globally.

Emotional Stability

Obama showed a lot of tolerance especially during his campaign amidst all the bashing by racist U.S. citizens who claimed they would never be ruled by a black man. Obama went past all this and kept pushing till he got the Presidency: moreover, the enforced justice to all regardless of whether they supported or did not support his presidential bid.


Agreeableness is mostly seen as a weakness in leadership whereby a leader cannot stand their ground. This, however, does not apply to all cases. Agreeableness is also the ability of a leader to consider the needs of the citizens and respect their rights. During his leadership, for example, Obama supported the LGBT community's fight for equal marriage rights. Barrack Obama also expanded embryonic stem cell research leading to the start of work in the departments of spinal injury treatment and cancer. The project has saved and still saves many lives.


Leadership involves a lot of sacrifice and understanding. Obama might have left office, but the change he made on the world's perspective of leadership will still prevail. We need leaders who will stand up like him to make a change.


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