Essay Sample about Mountains Beyond Mountains

Published: 2020-06-18
Essay Sample about Mountains Beyond Mountains
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Based on references from the book Mountains beyond mountains proverb, I support Paul Farmer's assertion (2003) that America is not really a democracy. The title has been used as a metaphor to reflect the poor state of a country and the fact that once they are done with one problem another problem appears. For this reason, the country is unable to escape from the external control by other countries and poverty. The state is therefore forced to rely on donations and grants from other well developed countries. Several incidences in the book bring to light the fact that America is not a democracy.

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The American soldiers deployed into Haiti are not ready to fight for the justice for the people. The American army reflects the interests of America and what the nation is willing to protect. Farmer says that although the American government is ready to help Haiti, this does not help alleviate the poverty level in the country. When the American army releases a suspected murderer over claims of insufficient evidence, it becomes clear that the American Government is not really democratic since they are not in Haiti for humanitarian reasons but for business and other factors.

The US Army Corps engineers, during the rule of a dictator supported by the United States of America build a dam. The dam is reported to serve the purpose of improving irrigation and generating power while, in real sense, it is made for the benefit of American owned agribusiness. As a result, poor people lose their homes and their families. The American state thus is not a democracy since such actions are not in the interests of the people but rather benefit a select few. This act is not a show of democracy but rather a selfish act. The fact that the State also supports a dictator shows that they are not democratic.

Paul Farmer, through his research, finds out that American Health Officials state Haiti to be the pathway of AIDS virus into America yet, in fact, America brings AIDS virus into Haiti through sex tourists. The accusation that it was Haiti, caused great harm to the economy of Haiti and its citizens. A real democracy is fair and just and strives for the interests of all including those not under its power. The fact that Americas actions cause harm to a countrys economy and its citizens makes it clear that democracy is not being practiced.

For a democratic country, healthcare for all is a critical concern. The United States, however, tries to block Haiti from getting Aid from The Global Fund. This is an action that Paul Farmer describes as lunacy since it is inhuman and does not show interest in the plight of the citizens of Haiti. Democracy decrees and believes in fairness and justice for all. Being unjust over healthcare due to political issues shows that democracy in America has not yet been fully realised (Tracy Kidder, 2003)

Paul Farmer clearly discloses that the privileges one gets for being American are not really an indication of democracy. I think whenever a people has enormous resources it is easy for them to call themselves democratic. I think of myself more of a physician than an American. We belong to the nation of those who care for the sick. Americans are lazy democrats , and it is my belief, as someone who shares the same nationality as[a Russian doctor], I think that the rich can always call themselves democrats but the sick people are not among the rich[] Im very proud to be American, I have many opportunities because I am American. I can travel the world and start projects, but that is called privilege and not democracy. (Kidder. T, 2003)

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