Essay Sample for Students about Paper in Islamic Society

Published: 2022-04-29
Essay Sample for Students about Paper in Islamic Society
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God is seen as unique and without equal to the Islam community. According to the documentary Muhammad was born in 570 AD in Arabia a land of salvage scarcity faced with tribal war. At the age of 6, his parents died and he was left in the care of his uncle. Muhammad was referred to as the messenger of God "Al Amin"- the trusted one. He was preaching peace and unity in all the societies. In account to this, the city of Medina became the city of the prophet. As Muhammad was spreading the word of God he received a lot of oppression from various people. The desires of the prophet to expound more on his visions with God were received with hatred and anger. Moving out of Mecca was not his own idea but was forced out of Mecca with a threat to his life, he later returned with followers. The theme of this documentary is paper more demonstrations on how it was used as well as its importance and how it was made are further illustrated.

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The papermaking was invented in China more centuries before Christ. However, its transfer from China to Europe was part of the Muslim's work. In Europe, during the 15th C; this papermaking led to the print revolution press. The Muslims indirectly assisted in the development of Cultural Revolution in Europe which in turn led to invention of Gutenberg's Printing press in the 15th century. The paper reached the Muslims during the 18th century when they conquered the Central Asia. Over time, paper superseded papyrus and parchment because it could be made from anywhere; rags and waste fibers. Despite being expensive, paper was more beneficial and advantageous to the society in securing the documents and records from being erased. This is because the paper itself was difficult to erase. As time passed, the use of paper had spread not only in the government offices but also in all other parts of the society as a whole (Robert Gardner, pp.56).

Moreover, during the middle age period; Islam used paper in other different ways. They used paper in preserving the Quran as well as Sunnah. Paper made it easier to keep the permanent records and copies of both the Quran and Sunnah. Some Islamic scholars collected hadiths of Prophet Muhammad and preserved them on the paper. The oldest Quran writing was believed to have been written by calligrapher and is highly valued up to date. By the 19th century, the paper was majorly used by scientists in copying scientific and utilitarian texts. However, it took time before the Muslims accepted the use of paper in supporting God's word. The Islamic libraries in this period had thousands of volumes more than the small university libraries in the western countries.

Over time, the uses of paper among the Muslim societies as a whole expanded and led to more creativity and inventions. Its uses expanded into various fields such as literature, sciences, mathematics and trade.

Lastly, paper aided in the development of the artistic revolution. The architects and artists used paper in their works and this made their work easier. They were able to easily trace and perfect on their designs before they were actually used; as well as transmit them in some other places. On the other hand, Potters, weavers, and metal-workers learned new designs from the books and manual scripts rather than relying only on the memory. Painting as well gained prestige and became more superior during this time.

In conclusion, the paper is the main theme in this documentary it has aided the Muslim society a great deal. Despite the fact that prophet Muhammad died of loneliness, Allah blessed Muslim society with paper so as improve more on the Muslim's standards of living as well as their economy.

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