Basketball Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-29
Basketball Essay Example
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Basketball is one of worlds most popular sports. This sport involves two opposing teams that compete to shoot the ball through a 6cm diameter ring that has been put 10 feet above the ground on a black board. Over the years, basketball has gained popularity and gained support in many parts of the world. The NBA is arguably the worlds most competitive basketball league in the world and the most popular. It is the dream of any young basketball player in the world to find a spot in the NBA at some point of his career. Dr. James Naismith, a sports professor, invented this sport in 1891 as he was trying to conduct a gymnasium class in a rainy day. The initial version of basketball had liter bins that were used as the baskets and the balls had to be literary removed from the bins after every score. As years passed, the sport evolved to adopt advanced equipment and gained popularity among people of different background. The diversity of the players and supporters of basketball has contributed greatly to the dynamics of the game and influenced the players that take part in the process. Some of the common issues affecting basketball include race, gender and politics.

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Lewis Samuel Kurlantzick is one of the few people that have addressed issues affecting the development of basketball. For one to understand these issues they need to review the history of the sport and the issues that led to various changes in the system over the years. Since the invention of the sport in 1891, various issues have led to growth evolution and popularity of the game. Lewis Samuel Kurlantzick explains the formation of the first basketball professional league in 1898 and its growth over the first few decades. The league had grown significantly but only consisted of the whites. However, in the 1920s two African-American teams would emerge and ignite hope for equality in the sport. The Barnstorming and the Original Celtics became the first African American teams to play in the league. At a time when racism was a great concern in the country, Basketball provided an interaction point that downplayed the vice and encouraged integration.

Apart from solving issues on racism, basketball has helped in promoting equality in the society by allowing women to play the game professionally. Over the years, Basketball has acted as a reminder of the need to exercise equality and give equal opportunities to both men and women. In her book, Coaching Womens Basketball, Sandy L. Simpson examines the growth of women basketball since its conception in 1892 by Senda Berenson. Women basketball was never taken seriously and until 1924 when the International Women's Sports Federation would be formed to address the participation of women in sports. This body would later harmonize the rules of the game to match those of men indicating the belief that all people deserved equal opportunities. Basketball was a major contributor to the development of womens rights in the society.

For the previous century, Basketball has grown tremendously with changes in the rules and setting of the game over time. As the game gained popularity in various parts of the world, it was necessary to create a body that would oversee the development of game internationally. In 1932, the International basketball association was formed and included a few countries. However, over the years, the association has grown to accommodate all countries willing to join. The federation helps in setting up the international rules and standards of the game as well as setting up various competitions. This body has helped unite the world through basketball.

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