Free Essay Sample - Guerrero's Life Experience

Published: 2023-02-07
Free Essay Sample - Guerrero's Life Experience
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The book is written to narrate a heartbreaking story of a woman's extraordinary resilience in the face of the nightmarish kind of struggles of readily undocumented residents present in our country. According to recent investigations made, there maximum number of undocumented immigrants in the United States is approximately eleven million whose stories are not yet untold. Their lives here are somehow precarious even if they already have children but unfortunately, their stories have not yet been told. The above memoir is a tale according to author Michelle Burford, a tale of highly personal triumph that too illuminates an already needed light that really haunts those immigrants' daily proceedings and progresses of their lives. However, Guerrero a New Black actress also known as Orange, takes the responsibility of delivering a tale of the childhood act lived in the margin areas.

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However, the author was born as an undocumented Colombian immigrant at the time they arrived in the Stateside, she learned to not at all draw all her attention on the challenges herself faced nor her parents. Her parents were working tirelessly to remedy the status nature of their immigration but the age of fourteen years the worst fear present in the family was realized (Guerrero, & Burford, 2017). She had hurriedly arrived home from school but astonished to find that their beloved house was totally empty, no parents but extremely an empty house, after only few hours she discovered that her only beloved parents had been deported. Lately, as the book describes and narrates, Guerrero was faced with instability state, shame and fear for herself.

A Good Samaritan decided to take her in where she found solace in the performing act. The Samaritan was a just a family friend before, her relationship with parents was fractured as time continued due to distance levels. Guerrero was totally faced with a number of very serious financial obstacles, deepened rifts in family ties and also mental health issues during the trying time if making definitions of herself in future life. An urgent confession is seen during Guerrero's candor chronicling of her very lowest life time moments personally she had experienced. Great strength of the author lies probably in her own ability to make advocating for the affected individuals in the immigration status and also undocumented immigrants.

However, the struggles experienced by Guerrero are for strictly to help her to reasonably hold her life together through college and high school level and strictly take her feet in the world. She really writes the book with hearty breaking honesty and humor too (Sanabria, 2019).More so, different quotes supporting undocumented immigration in United State include; "No one leaves home unless is the mouth of shark", "A nation that cannot at all cost control its borders is not a nation at all" and finally "Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me" (Frank, et al 2016). The above quotes somehow keenly relates to the main theme of the story by Guerrero, the first quote relates in a way that the immigrants had a specified reason to move from their original homeland. Secondly, the second quote gives us specific reason to control entrance places for specified reasons. And finally the third quote gives us the meaning of understanding our own selves, capabilities and inabilities.

Furthermore, the applicable quote to apply is the third quote, which Guerrero applied in all her narration of her story. However, I will persuade young youths who are almost to give up in life to keenly read the book in to avoid life destructions that may at future time affect their life. I have personally enjoyed reading the book as a young youth since it have helped me to gain life momentum of setting higher goals and achieving my best without giving up.

In conclusion, the type of reader to whom the book was to be addressed to are the mystery readers, to give them the confidence of seeing things as very possible but not impossible after they read it. They should be ready to understand their lives and know appropriate meanings after reading it.


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