Essay Sample: Using Persuasive Style in Writing

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Persuasive writing is a methodology of writing, which emboldens the use of careful word choice, development of rational arguments as well as a cohesive summary. This technique can be taught in schools, from the lower elementary level classes. Young kids can be guided through a series of simple writing steps in an effort to sharpen their persuasive writing skills. In the marketing field, persuasive writings can be used as advertising tools aimed at convincing potential buyers to make a purchase decision. This essay is an analysis of an online published article, which discusses the texts tone, metaphor, and logos, which are techniques of persuasive styles employed in the text.

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Brief Summary of the Publication

The publication to be discussed was published on April 8, 2016. It was a briefing about the top performing car in Germany, in the month of March 2015. According to the data published by German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Ford Mustang was ranked as the leading sports coupe for the month. This short briefing was published in an effort to appeal to motor vehicle enthusiasts around the world to purchase the Ford brand as their new preferred choice of vehicle.

Persuasive Styles Employed in the Text


Tone as a primary technique in persuasive style writing has been greatly used in this publication. It is a literary compound in the composition of writing, which portrays the attitude depicted towards a subject matter or towards the intended audience of the literary work. The tone of a piece of writing can be formal, informal, ironic, serious, somber, intimate, condescending and solemn among others. In this publication, the tone is formal and written in large fonts to signify the high desired pitch of the tone. The caption, Ford Mustang Best-Selling. is centered on the top part of the publication as a way of capturing the audiences attention.

In this context, the phrase is used as a strategy of emphasizing the brands performance in the German market. Arguably, the tone of this phrase is used as an appeal to ethos by the intended audience. Ethos denotes the appeal of a piece of writing to a readers ethics, in an effort to convince him/her about the high credibility level of the persuader. German is famous for other brands such as the Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Opel among others. Nevertheless, the tone of the article caption evokes the ethical reasoning that Ford is the best Brand in German and the top sales performing brand in the month of March. This is in the minds of the audience.


It is a strategy that can be used in persuasive writing to shift the emotions, appeals or desires of the audience of the text. The word metaphor describes a statement that equates a thing to another thing, mostly for a rhetorical effect. Such phrases evoke the readers to identify the hidden meanings in the similarities between two ideas. In this publication, the phrase that Germans have fallen in love with the Mustang is a metaphorical statement. Normally, people fall in love with other people, but not with objects such as cars among others. In this context, the author equates the love that a person may feel for another with the love that he/she might feel for a car. This persuasive writing strategy was used to influence the readers appeal towards the Ford product.


Logos is another strategy that can be used when creating persuasive writing. Logos is a writing style that is used by an author of publication to persuade the readers by use of logic. This means that a reader of a piece of writing can use the statements used by the author to make an informed judgment or decision. In this publication, the author stated that Ford has about 199,000 employees and 67 plants worldwide. This statement depicts Ford as a large international company with sufficient resources to develop high-performance quality automobiles like the Ford Mustang. Through logic, a reader will go for the brand due to its performance scale, which could ultimately be accredited to the quality of the companys products

Ways That the Persuasive Styles Could Have Been Improved to Make the Document More Interesting

There are various strategies that the persuasive styles used in the publication would have been improved in an effort to make the text more interesting. For instance, the author could have used imagery in his tone when introducing the publication that the vehicle was the best-selling brand in Germany in the month of March. Through imagery, the author can not only depict the pitch of the tone to the audience but also illustrate the mood of his voice. For instance, in the event the author included the phrase the pristine feminine Ford Mustang in the title of the publication, he/she could have manifested an intimate appeal towards the vehicle. This is while at the same time illustrating a high pitched voice commanding the attention of the audience.

The metaphorical persuasive style could also have been improved when describing the metaphorical statement that Germans fell in love with the Ford Mustang. This could have been done by adding phrases that evoke emotions in the minds of the audience. This theory is based on the reason that people react more readily to emotions rather than to ration. For instance, in the statement, the term mesmerizing could have been added to the word love to enhance the depiction of the connection between the Germans and their Ford Mustangs. Such an addition would further influence more people to buy the Ford brands. Finally, logos persuasive strategy could also have been improved. This could have been in mentioning the distinctive specifications of the car, which makes it a top-seller in the German market. This would enable more people to make a more logical decision when going for the car.


In light of the above discussion, persuasive writing styles enhance the quality of a piece of writing on the minds of the targeted audience. Some of the writing styles employed in this text include the tone, metaphor, and logos. A tone is a literary compound in the composition of writing, which portrays the attitude depicted towards a subject matter or the intended audience of the literary work. A metaphor, on the other hand, is a phrase that describes a statement that equates a thing to another thing, mostly for a rhetorical effect. Ultimately, Logos is a writing style that is used by an author of a publication to persuade the readers by use of logic.

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