Causal Analysis Essay on the Use of Technology

Published: 2019-12-03
Causal Analysis Essay on the Use of Technology
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In the modern day today, the use of technology is immeasurable. When compared to other artificial aspects in the human lives, technology merits a lot more concerns. Usually, technology involves changing of ideas or improving them to something tangible and that which enhances performance of life. After ideas are created or innovated, there is the need for scientific and technological talents which are intended to modify them. Thus, as a result, technology has continued to affect every aspect of our lives to the point that it is impossible to separate it from human life. In the realm of technology, we as human beings have continued to use and depend on technology in our day to day life activities which have seen its needs and demands in our lives increasing. Ranging from social interactions to more sophisticated needs such as medical applications, technological advancements have simplified the life of man in various ways which have fostered and enhanced creativity (Gebsky). Conversely, technology can also be said to be a double-edged sword since there is no doubt that it has also cost us great concerns. This essay seeks to explore both the positive and the impacts that technology has had on our lives based on the ways we make use of it.

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To begin with, technology has made communication and access to information easier. Ranging from the use of computers, internet services, and computers, people have been able to communicate and access relevant information a lot faster than they used to a couple of decades ago. With technological advances, electronic media such as radio, televisions, social media and the internet have improved the way ideas are shared and exchanged within the societies we live in. For instance, in many countries across the globe, the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others have been used as a tool to voice the concerns of the people. Mobile phones, on the other hand, have become essential tools enhancing communication owing to the fact that people can now communicate with each other at any time regardless of their difference in locations (Ramey). This has therefore made communication across very long distances easier and consequently making the world a global village.

Moreover, improved industrialization has been as a result of technological advancements. As technology improves, new ways of accomplishing tasks both at the industrial and the business level have been identified. For instance, in the modern day, today, computerization and the use of machines has helped simplify tasks that were initially done using human labor and this has steadily improved the output as compared to the produce that was initially as a result of human labor. This has therefore resulted into reduced finances and labor and consequently enhancing cost efficiencies for businesses and industries allowing them to put aside funds that can be invested in in other areas of the business. This has eventually contributed to a positive level of the national economy at large.

Improved technology has digitized the education sector and hence enabled students to learn from any part of the world by the use of internet services, their mobile phones, and other technological devices. This has changed the face of education and created more opportunities for people to learn. Teachers can also use technology to teach and interact with the students much efficiently than it was before. Students across borders can easily communicate with their teachers and those from developing countries have used the internet to enroll for advanced courses (Walker). Online education is flexible and affordable, and students can attend classes on their free time and interact virtually with other students. Therefore universities and colleges have accepted online education by creating virtual classes. Students use technology to study on their own time with no help from their teachers. This helps the students improve their grades and learn new things apart from what is taught in class.

Asymmetrically, several negative impacts are as a result of technological advancements. For instance, society has reached a point where people have become overly dependent on technology, computers and other forms of technology for existence. It is due to this dependency that human lives have become almost disabled in the absence of these forms of technology. Take for instance; when a computer or a machine breaks down at work, performance becomes disabled until the problem is resolved. This kind of dependency is a significant disadvantage as it makes human beings less reliant. On the other hand, increased and improved online games have led to addiction leading to children ignoring physical activities and exercising. Children growing up in the current era where technology has almost become a basic human need have become dependent on the virtual world at the expense of their social lives (Storm). This has taken most of their time living considerably less time for exercising and doing physical activities. As a result, children have become dormant and more prone to health conditions such as obesity due to lack of proper physical exercise. This has also been known to cause more health complications to the lives of these children later in life.

In conclusion, with technology playing a significant role in the lives of almost every individual in our modern day to day lives, it is nearly impossible to claim that it has its negative influences on our lives. However, almost everything has become accessible across virtually every sector of life and depending on how we as humans make use of technology; it has been known to have both positive and adverse effect on the human life. Despite the real changes that advanced technology has brought to our lives, we should not let it take over our lives or lead us astray. We should use it for the good not bad, to improve our lives, learn more and interact more with people other than only with those who are within close reach.

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