Transportation Management System

Published: 2022-04-21
Transportation Management System
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The above are my chosen MIS solutions that my organization can use to improve and enhance the efficiency of its business processes. Management Information System (MIS) may be defined as the use of the latest technologies applied in computers to process information and data of a particular company so that the process may help in management and the process of making decisions. These concepts may include decision support system, electronic record management systems, mobile infrastructure, customer relationship management and lastly transportation management system. All these MIS solutions are useful to my company in various ways, especially with the help of management services to improve the overall processes of the company.

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The solutions mostly rely on technological know-how of expertise within the organization as well as information technology, computer science, and e-commerce. I believe I am well informed about the right MISs solutions for my company based on my knowledge borrowed from my Degree in Business. Therefore, the following template will include further explanations of each of the chosen MIS solution and well-detailed information on how they are helpful in the improvement and enhancement of my company's business process that is if they are implemented well. I will also provide the strengths, weaknesses and cost considerations of the MIS solution so that I may plan on the implementation stage and improve business performance by increasing operational efficiency.

Decision Support System

Decision support system is an essential MIS solution which is entirely relevant to the improvement of managerial services as well as an increase of business operations. Decision support systems are MIS solutions which represent the use of computer applications to carry out research within an organization and use it to offer better decision-making processes as well as techniques on how to solve specific challenges at work. This MIS solution is vital for my organization because it will enable me, as the manager, to carry out an investigation which is aimed at finding different useful sources using computer applications to help with better problem solving and decision-making techniques. I find this MIS solution quite resourceful as it uses a computer application which is quite efficient and convenient for last minute decision-making strategies.

I recommend decision support system MIS solution because it is an entirely ready means of solving problems within the company, primarily managerial. This system is likely to reflect positive results within the business operations of the company as responsibilities will be carried out more efficiently and effectively which helps with time-saving. Also, a company that takes the shortest time possible to make decisions is likely to proceed at a faster rate, and this means that its performance improves as a result. Therefore, implementation of this MIS solution will only require the installation of new models of computers which already have the decision support system applications ready to use. Internet connections will also be needed so that searching for specific information is completed successfully to help the company with better decision making processes which are likely to improve its operations and increase profits if implemented.

Electronic Records Management System

Electronic records management system (ERM) is an MIS solution which ensures proper organization of electronic records for more comfortable and practical retrieval at any time. It calls for a company to invest in system and databases which are capable of arranging all electronic data for more natural recovery especially at times of need. Therefore, I propose this MIS solution for my company because it is going to provide a competitive advantage over the other companies because of the faster processes that will be implemented successfully. Furthermore, ERM ensures that a company's electronic data is safely saved for future purposes especially when the company is in need of the same records to provide decision making processes for the company.

Therefore, it helps a company to ensure that it has backed up it's electronic data by use of the latest technological means which allow a person to search for a specific type of information and find it in the fastest means possible. It also helps with the creation, use, distribution maintenance and disposition of all the electronically recorded information of a company so that it may act as evidence of all the business operations and transactions that have taken place within a specified period. Therefore, it has strengths in that the company may always use it to make future decisions and evaluate where they may have gone wrong before and make corrections on the next decisions. Its weakness is that a computer may lose its records and if not well backed up, a company may suffer from loss of their records.

Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile infrastructure is an MIS solution which offers technical aspects which can be used to provide administrative services as well as security to a company. It majorly presents the role of safeguarding the information and data of a company so that unauthorized hands may not access it. Each company has private and secret information that if shared could alter its profits as well as the intellectual skills. Therefore, it is essential to apply the mobile infrastructure solution through the use of technological devices which are well encrypted to protect any unauthorized access. This process improves the confidentiality of a company as it is sure that its private information is well protected and hence all of its designed decisions and strategies are likely to be efficiently implemented to ensure business operations are run smoothly.

Additionally, a company that uses the latest technology to apply mobile infrastructure is well placed and has a competitive advantage over other companies whose data is not well protected. It, therefore, means that it is secure from risks associated with unauthorized access to information that is crucial to a company. Thus, its implementation will allow our company to have reliable measures in which it can safely store and record to ensure that all business operations run smoothly to improve the profit margins.

Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management MIS solution entails the use of computer systems within an organization to help with the provision of better business decisions regarding how to best relate with current and potential clients. It also helps in dealing with business partners and clients, especially in the sales, marketing and service sectors. I recommend this MIS solution because it will be a perfect module for our company to improve its current relationship with potential, new and existing clients especially concerning the efficiency of business operations. Our company is entitled to proper development of an excellent relationship with customers so that they may continue purchasing our products as we attract other new ones as well. Good relationships amongst customers and the company improve sales volumes which eventually increases the profit margins.

Additionally, this MIS solution is excellent for our company because it is going to use the newest technologies to improve the relationship with relevant stakeholders and business partners. It means that it will be better placed in the market for potential business partners to invest in the company. This process improves its business operations as it can now contact several business partners who are willing to invest their managerial expertise to the benefit of the company. Also, improvement of customer relationship can be made via the technologically based computers which can even market the products of the company via the internet to attract more customers and improve sales volumes to increase profits.

Hence, this is a significant strength the MIS solution provides to our company. The cost required is minimal as it will only need hiring of new personnel who are well equipped with the latest technical knowledge to help with the provisions of the systems necessary to improve customer and business partner relationship with the company.

Transportation Management System

The last MIS solution I would recommend for my company is transportation management system. It involves the provision of transport services to a company as well as ways in which it can plan its resources. It also offers a module which is more technologically advanced to provide solutions with which are directed at improving procurement as well as shipping. These are significant sectors of a company's success, and hence I would recommend this MIS solution to our company so that better shipping services may be offered as well as procurement.

It will also ensure that delivery of products to customers is usually on time and this builds up a positive relationship between the customer and the company. Customers who are assured of delivery of products on time will always maintain their purchase of the company's products and even pass the good news to other new and potential clients. In the end, a company can improve its business operations and have a great brand name. Hence, it is likely to increase sales volumes since transportation is fast and convenient to most clients.



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