Law Essay Sample on Grand Larceny

Published: 2019-11-18
Law Essay Sample on Grand Larceny
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Grand Larceny can be identified as one of the categories of larceny that applies to items of higher value. Grand Larceny differs from one state to another. Every state has a specific set value that is used to separate Grand Larceny from petty larceny. One State may decide that Grand larceny will apply for stolen goods whose values goes beyond $ 4000 while others may decide it applies when the value of the stolen goods goes beyond $2000 ("Definition of Larceny - FindLaw," 2016). Psychodynamic theory

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The psychodynamic theory explains how an individual personality is controlled by the mental process when he or she is unconscious. The mental process is laid low when an individual is a child, and it escalates when they mature (Psychological Theories of Crime, 2016). The structure that provides the combination of the human personality is considered imperative, and those elements include the Ego, Id, and the Superego. The id is the representation of the unconscious urge to have the essentials that one need to survive.

The id is a persons primitive side that governs the need for food and sleep. It gives an individual the drive for food, water, sex and other necessities that happen over a persons lifetime. The id is concerned with pleasure and it responsible for desire and gratification. The id works in a way that it disregard any concern for others and if one happens to desire things that another individual have they commit a crime of larceny (Psychological Theories of Crime, 2016). The theory can be applied when discussing a grand larceny problem where an individual commit robbery of taking away someones property without the consent of the owner and with the intention of depriving the owner of his property permanently.

Freud indicates that the person committing the crime are driven by instant gratification and their ego grants the demand that they desire for at that moment. The persons ego is what allows him or her to continue living normally even after he or she has committed larceny in the society (Psychological Theories of Crime, 2016). When the elements of personality do not pass correct judgement, and the person is guided by their id, then their superego is underdeveloped, and they can commit crime out of their desire and instant pleasure. The theory suggests that the crime of grand larceny can be advocated in the context that the personality of the delinquent specifically the superego, was underdeveloped. If the person does not experience the reality principle, then they act out of their pleasure without caring what the victim might feel.

Contemporary trait theory is a theory that relates the act of criminality with the physical characteristics or traits. There is always a relationship according to the theory between behavior patterns and the brain. Since each criminal has a unique characteristic, that explains why every criminal behaves in a particular manner (Varying Theories on Crime, 2016). The theory suggest that criminal tendencies are inherited, they are as a result of chemistry disorder in the nervous system which heightens the anti-social activity. The theory explains the fact that criminal act is inborn and it is not a trait one acquires knowingly (Varying Theories on Crime, 2016). The theory rather brings out the fact that when a crime is committed like for instance larceny, a criminal might be going through neurological problems or an inherited trait of robbery must be in him causing his behavior.

As an officer in policing agency, I would like to introduce a community policing program. In this program, want to introduce foot patrols not only to curb the crimes in the neighborhoods but also to ensure that the police are working together with the locals. As Freud suggests in the psychodynamic theory of crime, the manner in which people are brought up determines their way of living and how they treat each other. Involving the police in the community activities through the foot patrols will give the members of the community adequate courage to interact with them hence they can report people of people with suspicious demeanor. The police will therefore be able to curb the crime especially the grand larceny as soon as it happen, minimizing such cases.


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