Subaru and Suzuki: SPPS Quantitative Assignment Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-06
Subaru and Suzuki: SPPS Quantitative Assignment Essay Sample
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Subaru and Suzuki's fall out in the automobile industry came as a surprise to many. Although they once operated as one industry, the fall out saw the Suzuki brand struggle to make it independently. Subaru, on the other hand, enjoyed a large market share in North America as long as increased sales over the whole. The paper will analyze their history in the formulation of survey questions.

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Ordinal scale preference

Ordinal preference in its forms tries to measure concepts that are non-numerical, for instance, discomfort, happiness, and satisfaction. It is a way of consumer preference analysis without the application of quantitative data. It focusses on the general feeling of the consumer towards the brand regarding the satisfaction of the consumers need. For the case of automobile brands, consumers may prefer, for instance, the rate of fuel consumptions between a brand and another, the general acceleration of speed and the horsepower that the brand has. Again, the consumer is interested in the type of the engine that the brand has. Some of the consumers may also want to know the interior design and the exterior styling of the brand. These factors eventually affect the satisfaction of the consumer.

Intervals scale preference

With intervals, consumers are concerned with the numerical scales in which they the order as well as the difference between the values. Some consumers may prefer to have a car that accelerates from 0-100 km/hr. In less than 10 seconds. Other consumers may prefer a car with a speedometer range of between 0-180km/hr.

Ratio scale preference

It provides consumers with information detailed that can accommodate his range of characteristics for the choice if the brand that he desires. For instance, off-road vehicles like in case of military vehicles tend to be a bit raised, unlike sports cars where their bodies are closer to the ground for stability. Speed ratios, for instance, is a great preference for consumers.

The ordinal scale survey question

How satisfying is Subaru

  • Very satisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Very unsatisfied
  • Unsatisfying

Interval scale survey question

How is your acceleration preference?

  • 0 - 100 km/hr. in 10 seconds
  • 0 - 150 km/hr. in 15 seconds
  • 0 - 175km/hr. 20 seconds
  • 0 - 180 km/hr. in 22 seconds

Ratio scale survey question?

At what speed ratio would you prefer?

  • The ratio of 84km/hr. - 42 km/hr.
  • The ratio of 52.206mph - 26.103mph.

Survey questions to be analyzed using SPSS to measure consumers' current evaluation of the Subaru brand. (Aljandali, 2016)

From the history of Subaru, which brand would you prefer?

  • Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Imprezza
  • Subaru Legacy

In the monetary evaluation, is Subaru Reliable?

  • Very expensive
  • Expensive
  • Manageable

Survey questions to analyze Subaru's competition using SPSS

Is Suzuki competitive to Subaru?

  • Highly competitive
  • No competition

Does Subaru have a competitive advantage over its competitors?

  • Yes
  • No


Analysis of the Subaru and Suzuki fall out aw the division of two great brands of cars that once operated as same. Subaru increased better performance and ensured consumers satisfaction and growth saw them grow bigger and better than Suzuki. Information regarding the two brands can be analyzed through information from SPSS and other sources of data such as customer databases.


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