Paper Example: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Unconscious Choking

Published: 2023-03-21
Paper Example: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Unconscious Choking
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Choking refers to a state in which someone develops difficulty in breathing due to blockage of the airway by a toy, food, or other objects. The windpipe obstructed leads to insufficient oxygen in the lungs. The human body depends on oxygen, and in its absence, brain damage can occur in as little as six minutes. Therefore, rapid intervention is required for the victim to save a life.

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There are several causes of choking, and they include: eating first, too much food in the mouth, and not chewing well. Choking can also occur from eating junk food, eating hot dogs, or sticky food. Moreover, drinking alcohol, been in an unresponsive state, swallowing small objects or breathing in and swallowing problems can also choke. Other causes of choking are enlarging tonsils or tumors of the throat and esophagus problems.

When a person is unconscious, the signs of choking are; having difficulties in breathing, and changing lips, and nails color to bluish. Severe airway obstruction as a result of choking is dangerous and leads a victim to an unconscious state. When this condition occurs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is required immediately.

When dealing with a victim of choke, it important that you alert the necessary department or local emergency aid as you begin first Aid. The first-aid procedure for a choking person is first to roll the person on their back on a hard surface, ensure that the back is straight and firmly support the head and the neck. Expose the victim's chest. Secondly, open the victim's mouth using your thumb and index finger, place your thumb over the tongue and the index finger under the chin. If there is any object close remove if there is no observable object, open the victim's airway by lifting the chin while tilting the head back. Thirdly, as a first aider, place your ear close to the victim's mouth and observe chest movement, Listen, look and feel for breathing in five seconds. If the patient is breathing, give first aid for unconsciousness. If the victim is not breathing, maintain the head position. Close the victim's nostrils by pinching them, cover the victim's mouth with your mouth and give two slow, full breaths with a pause in between. If the victim is unresponsive, reposition the head and give two more breaths. If still, the chest does not rise, chances are the airway is blocked start CPR, chest compression may help relieve the blockage. Keep on with cycles of chest compressions, checking for an object and rescue breath until the victim starts breathing or medical help arrives.

In case of conversions, give first aid for this problem. After relieving the victim from choking, keep them still, and seek medical help. Any choking person needs a medical examination. This is because the victim can develop complications not only from choking but also from the first aid measures that are performed.

It is not advisable to grasp and object lodged in the victim's throat, because you can push it down the airway. The physician should be contacted immediately; a person is found unconscious. There are chances an object ends up in the lungs instead of being removed, therefore in case of any symptoms after choking is relieved, a medical checkup is necessary. To avoid choking one should always be careful when eating by chewing food completely, ensure that food is cut to chewable sizes, avoiding too much alcohol before or during eating, keeping small objects out of reach of children, and fitting dentures properly.


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