Free Essay Sample on Cyber Terrorism and Bioterrorism

Published: 2023-10-28
Free Essay Sample on Cyber Terrorism and Bioterrorism
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Cyber terrorism leaves many American communities at risk of losing social, economic, political, and identity values’. The issue has alarmed the danger among the Hispanic and non-hispanoc communities (Weimann, 2020). Hacking of economic secrets, destruction of financial strategies raises the risk of having uncertainty in the standards of living (Weimann, 2020). Cyberterrorism makes communal treasures a weak heritage point for American communities (Weimann, 2020). The bioterrorism is worst as American communities fear property loss, death, crime insecurity, and displacement by using these bioweapons (Williams & Sizemore, 2020).

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Terror Practices

There is recurrent fear that in incases of war, the communities will have to lose their relative, have adverse health conditions, and get evacuate from their dwellings (Williams & Sizemore, 2020). The communities that live together will have to be dispersed. Both terror practices affect leaves a sense of insecurity and mistrust to the security forces (Williams & Sizemore, 2020).

Police Role

Police play a crucial role in cs of such attacks. For cyber crimes, the police have a mandate to call for international intervention were the cases have to be traced down, and the roots of the cyber attackers found (Reuland & Davies, 2020). Global police systems represented by Interpol, have to consider the American cyberattack issues by getting into the affected persons through retrenchment of private information. American police have a role in intervening the cyber-attacks by joining the public and the private sectors by creating a robust database for the community's most crucial information (Reuland & Davies, 2020). For the bioterrorism, the police have to fight back to the attackers using their several strategies. First, the police have to aid in relocating the affected, assisting the injured, burying the dead, and maintaining congregation orders (Reuland & Davies, 2020).


Thus, police have to deal with the terrorist through adequate patrol missions, investigative measures, and interacting with the community for information. i the police have to make community policies for both cyberattacks and bioterrorism with correspondent regulations clearly defining the consequences of such actions (Reuland & Davies, 2020).


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