Essay Sample on The Qualities and Aspects I Do Not Like and Would Prefer to Change

Published: 2023-03-21
Essay Sample on The Qualities and Aspects I Do Not Like and Would Prefer to Change
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One of the qualities I do not like about myself is the feeling that anything good should belong to me, and that I should be recommended or on the side that receives praise for anything positive. For instance, when there is a competition in the school, whether it is a games competition or music festival, I usually feel that I should be amongst the people getting awards. I typically think jealous or bored when I am not being awarded. I prefer to change this quality because it has made me participate in a lot of activities ending up performing poorly in most of them.

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Another quality that I am concerned about is low self-esteem. I do feel that I am not good enough to compete with others in school and at home. I have failed to perform in several non-academic activities because of deep inside, I feel intimidated. In many occasions, I experience influential voices telling me that I am not capable of performing better than others because I am not good enough. I feel that this is my inferior quality. It has affected both my curriculum activities as well as non-academic activities. I have failed several assignments not because I did not know the concept, but because I decided not to do the test and wait for an opportunity to discuss the task with my classmates.

Lack of confidence is another negative quality that I feel I need to change. I do not believe in myself. I have had a lack of confidence in myself ever since I was a young child. When faced with challenging situations, I usually choose to remain silent rather than explain myself. The lack of confidence has also affected my ability to create new friends and interact with others when in a new environment. The lack of confidence is caused by my inability to articulate my points clearly. I want to change this negative quality.

The Qualities and Aspects I Genuinely Appreciate

Determination and consistency are my most exceptional qualities. No matter how hard a situation may be, I am usually determined to see that I emerge successfully. I have learnt from my friends and families that it is not easy for me to let go off something that I am out to achieve. I may face lots of challenges but remain determined and focus on accomplishing whatever I am looking forward to delivering.

I am a person full of compassionate. I do not look down on others because of their skin colour, religious differences, social status or sexual preferences. I accept anyone who comes into my life the way they do. I strive to remain in good terms with everyone I come to contact with. The quality of compassionate has drawn many friends to me.

My tolerance capacity is very high. I can wait for something for a long time without giving up. Tolerance is the quality that I love most about my personality. I tolerate people, situations and times. I can be going through a hard time, but I remain calm, hoping that things will change soon. I can forgive and tolerate someone who has been attacking me for long without giving up. I have been tolerant ever since I was a young kid.

The Lists That Were Easier to Make

The list of the qualities that I love and appreciate about myself was easier to make. These are the qualities that I am proud of, and I do think about them always. I am free to share them with anyone. Therefore, they are at my fingertips. The qualities that I do not like about myself are my weakness. I am embarrassed about these qualities and aspects. I find it hard to think about them. I always want to ignore them and forget about them. Thus, writing on these qualities was hard.

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