Free Essay on Immigration's Effects on the United States

Published: 2023-03-20
Free Essay on Immigration's Effects on the United States
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Immigration, and the extreme resistance to it, are agitating the governmental plans of republics on either verge of the Atlantic Ocean. New know-how of transport and communication, together with the long-standing epidemics of conflict and insufficiency, have spun what a comparative ooze. This has led individuals to depart from their home nations into immense relocations in the better part of the 20th century. This has prompted governmental backlashes in both the United States and other continents like Europe, with the majority of anti-immigrant actions and administrative parties acquiring power from Great Britain and Donald Trump's acquisition of power.

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Past the resemblances in the bases and impact of the mass movement in the two continents, though, its inevitable, financial, and societal outcomes in the Ancient and New Realms vary in significant means. In the United States, the entry of individuals from overseas, while frequently the reason for communal pressures, is usual. But several European nations have sometimes acknowledged refugees on a considerable measure during the 20th century.

The Geography of different nations also makes a significant difference. The United States is a continent-sized nation and can accommodate many immigrants (Phillipson, 2019). Most of the entries end up in the highly populated American cities, but the United States has more of these cities as compared to Europe's European state. Immigration is a troublesome issue in the United States, it, however, does not threaten the country's political structure.

United States Response to Immigration and Other Nations Response to Migration in their Respective Countries.

Immigration in the united states has helped in reshaping the country and the United States Catholic Church. Migration as a political matter also put president Donald Trump in the White house. The voter retort to his ban on acceptance of refugees and the measures towards immigrants was a significant issue in the elections Donald Trump triumphed. Immigration is an answer to the challenge that together, the nation and the catholic church are aging, whereas the rate of new births is decreasing and the youth exit the church. The numbers in the church and the nation have been steadily increasing due to newcomers in the form of immigrants who have been coming from beyond the borders of the United States.

In Europe, immigration remains vital to the legislations of the region, raising significant inquiries around European cultures, stimulating the legality of the government structure, and growing the administrative forte. From 2015, public outlook on migration and sanctuary into Europe has to turn out to be more and more polarised, alongside a contrast between two points: 'for' or 'against (Phillipson, 2019).' However, opinions on immigration vary across different European nations

Collective Behavior from a Sociological Perspective and the Relationship between Collective Action and Social Change.

Collective behavior in sociology is used to refer to a diverse set of actions where vast quantities of individuals are involved. The most common forms of collective behavior include mobs, riots, crowds, panics, mass hysteria, crazes, disaster behavior, fads, and ethical panics. Collective behavior study is done for two significant reasons: First, to decrease the harm instigated by social activities such as riots by accepting the way individuals act in these circumstances; and additionally, it expands one's comprehension of the manner one should organize social engagements to instigate social change (Phillipson, 2019). Collective behavior helps individuals initiate social change if the right stages are followed.


Phillipson, C. (2019). Population Aging and Globalization: The Impact of Cultural and Social Change. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190236557.013.405

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