Free Essay Dedicated to Edward Bernays as a Pioneer of Public Relations

Published: 2022-09-20
Free Essay Dedicated to Edward Bernays as a Pioneer of Public Relations
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Remarkably, Edward Barney made milestone achievements and landmarks in the field of public relation and propaganda via many avenues and ways and in a different sector from corporates to political arenas. He did these through campaigns, promoting essential ideas of one special woman who also happened to be her wife, Freud Barney, publishing books, as well as working as a PR professional in different organizations (Collister & Roberts-Bowman, 2018). Bernays's influence radically changed the persuasion logic and tactics in political campaigns and advertisings. Among the critical contributions, he made include the following.

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Cigarettes Taboo; Edward strategic approach to changing the societal perception and understanding about the widespread propaganda in the 1920s that it was a taboo for women to smoke publicly was remarkable. After being hired by the then president of the Tobacco Company, Mr. George W Hills, he used the already existing information to devise a strategy.

In his strategy, he marshaled a group of women for a campaign to march in the New York City Ester Day Parade and spread the news about the lucky strike cigarettes, reported by the New York Times. Afterward, he attempted to convince women that the forest green park for lucky strike cigarette was the most stylish and fashionable color. His idea and work made the green color the most popular color then, from interior decor to fashion design, to gallery exhibitions, and special women pushing green as the hot color (Bernays, 2015).

Political propaganda: Edward engineered various propaganda in the political realm that spread far and wide some of which were even published in books. He introduced 'pancake breakfast' for Calvin Coolidge, which was widely considered as public stunts for a POTUS. He did several propaganda activities on behalf of the US government to engineer and promote successful overthrows of the then democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, the president of Guatemala. Moreover, his charming propaganda about branding Arbenz as a communist was accepted and even published in major U.S. media platforms.

Food and Water fluoridation: working for the Aluminum Company of America, Bernays succeeded in the American public about the benefits and the worth of water fluoridation. In a managed and strategic conceptual campaign on media platforms using the American Dental Association, he successfully changed perceptions and attitude concerning the process of fluoridation. Furthermore, using his wife's observation, he persuaded and convinced the public that among the variety of foods available in America eggs and bacon was real food for breakfast for all the Americans.

Arts, Event Promotion, and hygiene: Bernay's first consulting contract was about defending a play promoting sex education devoid of police interference was his first contribution to the arts industry. Additionally, his first ever event promotion, the NAACP convention in Georgia was considered successful due to the absence of violence at the scene. Furthermore, he also did a remarkable join promoting Lights' Golden Jubilee which the 50th-anniversary celebration of the invention of the light-bulb by Thomas. Edward campaign on improving hygiene and the product hairnet failed too many convinced women to buy the idea but convinced the government official to introduce hairnets in some jobs.

Notably, the contributions made by the veteran professional and pioneer of the public relation profession has not only remained a current PR environment, but their ripples effects have a significant impact in the contemporary modern society. He thought ideas and philosophies as well as his quotes are very influential and employed across different sectors today, both in the political and economic spheres (Collister & Roberts-Bowman 2018).

In conclusion, public relation is one of the pivotal industries in enacting effective and feasible policy reforms and strategies for a better society. The profession is a factor to economic and political revolution, and the contributions of pioneers such as Edward Bernays are handy.


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