Paper Example: Computer System Performance and Workload Measurement.

Published: 2023-03-17
Paper Example: Computer System Performance and Workload Measurement.
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In response to the previous request by the New Century Wellness Group concerning computer changes for reports and forms in your organization, I would first all like to encourage you to begin working on phase two of the computer upgrade project since I am still held up by some clients over here. I also understand that the issue facing your organization needs an urgent response within the first three months of operation. As a result, this will help resolve the possible causes of the computer system slow down, and you should take note of the system performance and workload measurement, as explained below.

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As we all know a system's performance always aim at achieving a desirable result so does the computer performance system as such it is worth noting that various factors may interfere with the computer's performance including the CPU speed (clock speed), the size of the Random Assessment Memory (RAM), the space on the hard disk, the types of graphic card and the hard disk speed especially if the computer is multitasked with defragmenting files. A CPU cannot speed if it has limited data to process; hence will not be efficient, and to achieve maximum efficiency, the memory and the hard drive linked to the CPU must release data as fast as the speed of the CPU. To check the number of cores your processor has, you need to press Win and R to display the run dialogue box, insert 'dxdiag' and then enter. Click Yes if asked to check your drivers and then search for the processor entry in the system tab. Still, a computer with multiple cores, you will discover the number in parentheses, particularly after the speed as it is with the 4 CPUs. RAM is the active part of the computer, and its size plays a crucial role in computer performance since it can store the current data used by the machine due to its speed in retrieving the data stored in the random assessment memory. Hence, the larger the size of the RAM, the most efficient the computer performance is. The speed of the hard disk always measures the rate at which the content and material can be written and read in a computer though it is not consistent in all the machines depending on their manufacturers; hence, the faster the sped of the disk the quicker the computer performance. Also, the bigger the hard disk space, the quicker the computer will be and vice versa. Multitasking the computer always slows down its performance speed since the memory supports multiple applications compared to when it has one r the whole memory. The graphic cards give the quality of the animations and pictures; hence, a computer that processes more graphics with weak graphics cards will have to slow down. Broken files or those that take long to read causes the laptop to defragment them before opening hence slow down its performance.

A computer workload can be observed from its regular operations measured from its sizeable workloads known as elementary processes, which make exclusive use of the CPU, processors, I/O processors, among others, and is evaluated by its execution cost. Different kinds of user programs may be simulated into a Type by elementary processes composition. The number of its elementary processes determines the Type character. The structure of the type is defined by the sequence and amount of transitions within primary operations. A set of Types is then batched into a Mix and mixes of identical cost are viewed as equal workload amount. These workload descriptions allow comparison of results of various studies by different investigators. Workloads of multiple compositions are assigned cost unit to enable the evaluation of effectiveness or various machines' workloads.


TO: New Century's Partners

FROM: Information Technology Consultant


Allow explaining the various types of computer maintenance to avoid misunderstanding of computer performance and support. Typical examples of computer maintenance and repair or repair include computer relocation and set up, computer development, malicious software prevention, and the removal of spyware and virus, network configuration and design, networking and configuration such as installations of hardware and printers, and computer peripheral installations. Each of these types is important in various occasions. Software maintenance includes installing and de-installing programs, malware or antivirus software programs and backing up of files while hardware maintenance involves breaking or fixing the hard drives or CPU, wifi cards when they fail to function appropriately in the computer. Preventing maintenance consists of the replacement of the CPU cooling fan, maybe if the laptop is three years old and has its mechanical parts worn out. Keeping vents clear and unit clean should be a regular activity while upgrades involve the replacement of HDD with the solid-state drive (SSD) because sometimes hard drives may be the first things to fail in a computer.

Why Should New Century Group or Should not Use a Maintenance Release Methodology to Handle the Requests?

The New Century's Staff concerned with their computer's performance should first determine a perfect maintenance project that can improve the system efficiency and response time as this may also enhance the reliability of the system. However, an input problem may cause the programs to terminate abnormally. Preventive maintenance aims to reduce the occurrences of hardware failures, choosing strong backup hardware, and the methods used. Hence, the New Century Group will require the help of an information technology consultant to guide them.

The main security issues that New Century should address include computer virus, Trojan horse, computer worm, adware and spyware, DOS and DDOS attack, rootkit, and phishing. They can be generated by malware, which can infect a computer and steal data, destroy files, and allow attackers to access the system with your consent or authorization. DOS attack is usually an attack intended to shut down a computer, and it can be prevented by the use of an over-provisioning defense of brute force and configuration of Windows IP access lists and firewalls while a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack is usually an attempt to make online services inaccessible. DDOS can be prevented by limiting th rate of a router to avoid form web server from being overwhelmed and also using firewalls and technique of pack sniffing to control high packet traffic. Both Trojan horse attacks and adware and spyware virus can be prevented by installing a reliable antivirus, having knowledge on what they look like, avoiding third party downloads, use of hardware-based firewalls deployed with DNS, regular backups of information and avoidance of autorun. Rootkit attack involves the intrusion and continued malicious activities in a computer and it can be removed by the hunter or rootkit hunter

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