Free Essay with Speech Analysis

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay with Speech Analysis
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What did you do well?

I was able to persuade with a classic structure, where in the first part, I presented the problem as "To inform parents that it is wrong to restrict children blindly." In the second part of the speech, I outlined what can be done to make things better. The action step was that it is important to listen to our parent's advice, but stick we have to stick to our dream and choose our path even if it is difficult and of course with the support of our parents. I was also able to persuade with a classic structure using facts and statistics and quoting Bill Gate's story, and my story about participating in International Mathematical Olympiads. Therefore, I was able to present a problem and find a solution in an impressively economical language. I honestly feel that I delivered the best speech that my skills allowed me at that given time.

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What things are you hoping to improve for the next speech?

I am hoping to use rhetorical tricks in future to improve my next speech. A speech that is highly alliterative, with imagery and repetition will make my speech more powerful, interesting lively and memorable. Thus, having an extraordinarily powerful piece of rhetoric would help keep my reader's and listener's attention.

How can you work to improve this skill on your own?

To improve this skill, I will read more about rhetorical enhancement techniques, and craft memorable phrases, which would linger in my audience lips. By using these techniques I will be able to energize my message, engage the audience and enhance the speech memorability.

Is there something I (the teacher) can do in class to help with this?

The teacher should discuss the Rhetorical Triangle or Aristotelian Triad and go over speech by Martin Luther and the speech by Queen Elizabeth's Speech and pin point and discuss the rhetorical devices in the speeches and the purpose of each rhetorical. Based on the student's experiences, analysis of the rhetorical techniques used in the two speech will help the students to understand the manner in which the authors uses and manipulates the audience using diction, tone and stylistic devices.

What did you learn from watching your classmates?

Although preparation matters before delivering a speech, confidence is important and by controlling your legs from shaking, everything will surely end up well. Being nervous take out the energy from the entire speech. By memorizing everything you would say in your speech, you will be able to add a little humor and rhetorical techniques to make it more clear and friendly. People also do not have patience during a speech and reading everything make it a huge turn off-the audience may literally fall asleep with their eyes wide open.

Question 2


The student first hurled money in the air to get the attention and interest of the audience and go ahead to explain the meaning of doing that using facts and claims. The grabber is not only a comic relief but it set up the problem he is addressing. By hurling money in the air, he uses the grabber as a metaphor to help his audience realize how important the topic is.

Focus on the needs and Interests of the Audience

The speech focuses on the interest and needs of the audience. The speaker says, "You could be wasting your money, wasting your time, and even risking your life. Being tired prevents us from reaching our potential...... Iam here today to encourage you to take more naps. Naps help reduce anxiety, increase productivity and improve judgment." This context and persuasion relates to the audience and he uses useful examples and personalizes the information and interacts with the audience throughout the speech. The speaker does not bore the audience by reading the slides full of text word by word; instead, he has memorized everything in his speech enabling him to add a little humor that makes the speech more clear and interesting.

Rich Well-Grounded Content

The content of the speech is well grounded and he demonstrates full knowledge of each point using explanations and examples. For example, the speaker gives an example of the time he took a stressful class but when he started taking naps he felt less stressed and more focused. He also cites two authors, Soong and Bradberry that shows that the supporting materials are relevant, original and relevant.

Visual Aid

Visual aids such as pictures of Famous nappers, Energy pod, and clock are well used to supplement the words in the slides. Using visual aids was important in making the audience understands and remember the main issue in the speech. Te audience might have learnt more through the visuals than through listening because they serve as reminders and increase the audience interest.


The speaker returns to the grabber (Why we should take a nap), modify it, and extend it to help drive the point home. For example, the main points he recap are, "Naps help reduce anxiety, increase productivity and improve judgment, and he encourage everyone to take a nap because it leaves us empowered." Such an impression clinches and serves to focus on, main points, impression leaving and signal the end of the speech. The speech does not wrap up abruptly as it reviews the key points.


The main strength of the speaker is the delivery. His voice is audible, he uses gestures, direct contact, facial expressions, and he is extemporaneous and energetic. He also indicates a willingness to communicate, a commitment to the topic and he indicates confidence. Thus the delivery style and the choice of his clothes show the awareness of the norms and expectations.

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