Change Approach Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-08
Change Approach Essay Example
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In the above scenario, Tiger Boots Company is overwhelmed by the increasing demands of boots and at the same time, they do not have enough production lines to meet the needs of the continuously increasing customers globally. As originally planned, the company's products targeted individuals or clients from the construction industry. Consequently, with the expansion of the construction services, the demands of the Tiger boots is on the rise. Additionally, the Tiger Boot's products are also targeted by different people from the fashion industry, a situation that is most likely to result in the production of more tiger boots. Tiger Boots Company, therefore, requires changes in the production as well as the management processes to ensure that they satisfy the demands for the customers across the markets. In accordance with the above scenario, I would recommend the emergent approach in the change effort. Emergent strategy or approach may refer to an unplanned success or a happy accident, it usually occurs as a result of actions that creates patterns that were not part of the initial or original plan (McDermott & O'Connor, 2002). In the emergency or in case of unplanned cases, the emergent strategy often becomes a response the given actions, thereby creating a strategy following the unexpected consequences. The paper elaborates on the emergent approach as the effective change strategy suitable for the Tiger Boots Company.

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From the initial plans, Tiger Boots management did not recognize that their products may become popular in the fashion industry. In other words, they did not factor in or incorporated the diversity of customers. Therefore, the emergent approach or strategy is important in their attempt to address the increasing demands as stipulated in the above scenario. Emergent strategy is essential for the Tiger Boots Company as it is relevant in the present culture of unpredictability and uncertainty than ever before (Bodwell & Chermack, 2010). It is capable of giving the Tiger Boots management to obtain the results that they did not expect or intend to get from the pattern of actions or behaviours initially planned. The emergent strategy or approach to change effort involves sets of specific consistent actions that forms an unexpected pattern that was not originally expected or anticipated in the original planning phase. For instance, unintended, adopting an emergent approach can help an organization adopt more flexibility to the changing business environment. The Tiger Boots Company is on the verge of changing their business criterion and in accordance to the most recent corporate meetings, the top level management agreed that the expansion or the changing business approaches are worth the risk (Bodwell & Chermack, 2010). However, due to uncertainty on how to introduce new plans, the approach of the management approach can prove to be challenging, hence the idea of the emergent strategy. With the increasing sales characterized by the increase in the number of customers, carrying out expansion coupled with the change management is a risk that is worth taking. The Tiger Boot's management, however, is not sure on how to introduce or initiate the changes in order to maximize the production of quality boots that will best satisfy the individuals both in the fashion and construction industry. The emergent approach should be the best approach that the management should adopt as it consists of different strategies of maximizing the production without interfering with the initial plans. The emergent strategy consists of promotional techniques as well as the advertisement criterions that attract more customers in order to retain the relevance of the products being offered. Promotion of product is a way of making the product to reach a wide market. It is always a requirement in the business that a product has to be advertised in order to sell it in large quantities. This is the only way of maximizing profit in the business. The advertisement will always be considered the following such as critical evaluation of the product and evaluating the advertisement.

With the appropriate business planning, the success that comes with the changes in the market is always inevitable. Therefore, with the changing business world characterized by the new trends in the fashion industry as well as the increased number of employees in the construction industry. To the Tiger Boot Company, an emergent approach will be appropriate due to the changes that are required in different departments from production, management and the marketing system. The emergent strategy or approach often develop over time in an organization in the absence of definite goals and missions or despite goals and missions. The emergent strategy is sometimes referred to as the realized strategy and it differs from the intended strategy. In the Tiger Boot Company, the management needs to continue with the production processes and at the same time, more changes need to be made without interfering with the initial plans. Therefore, the emergent strategy will be appropriate for the organization to control the increasing number of customers.

In business, even the best plans can lead to the unexpected outcome. In the Tiger Boot Company, the emergent strategy can prove to be the best approach of identifying the unexpected outcome from the execution of corporate approaches and then learning to integrate the above-unexpected outcome into the future corporate plans. For instance, the Tiger Boot Company can decide to use the social websites to enhance the marketing plan to the wide range of customers as part of the comprehensive marketing strategy. With the increasing demands characterized by the widening customer base, there is a high possibility of experiencing corporate planning problems, a situation that can be well sorted by the emerging strategy. With the uncertainties faced by the Tiger Boot Company, the emergent strategy can be designed to overcome the challenges but on the other hand, it can be used to capitalize on the unexpected marketing benefits. The major advantage of applying the emergent strategy is that it can prove to be something that the Tiger Boot Company has discovered before the emergence of the stiff competition. At the moment, the Tiger Boot Company do not have the organizational aptitude to appropriately satisfy the growing number of customer in the casual wear markets without making any change. However, amidst the changes, the initial plans need to remain in place to act as a guide while designing the new business approaches. With the emerging strategy, the Tiger Boot Company will have an opportunity to adopt different effective approaches in creating in creating new markets and become a bigger company. In accordance to the excerpt, the emerging approach of the change process will enable the Tiger Boot Company to adopt entirely new or unique marketing strategies and deepen the relationship with other popular retailers operating in the same industry.


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