HIV/AIDS Prevention and Modality, Free Paper with the Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2022-04-20
HIV/AIDS Prevention and Modality, Free Paper with the Annotated Bibliography
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Hargreaves JR, Delany-Moretlwe S, Hallett TB, et al. (2016), The HIV prevention cascade: integrating theories of epidemiological, behavioural, and social science into programme design and monitoring. Lancet HIV 318-22.The strong evidence for (PrEP) and the circumcision done to the male in the society was his primary studies. Hangreaves notes that, the intervention of increasing the other methods of prevention which includes; condoms and new needles during circumcision. Which are effective in controlling the transmission of HIV/AIDS.Jeffrey Fisher WA, Kohut T, JD, (2009), Curr Opin HIV/AIDS Secondary Prevention of HIV Infection: The Current State of Prevention for Positives

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Fisher suggests that the preventions of (Pfp) in the future should not be taken lightly. Early works was based on the negative habits of those infected with HIV/AIDS. Thus, there should be promotion of intervention of safer sexual relationships. However, when such interventions are adhered to, the risk for transmission of HIV will be reduced in the near future

Ann E. Kurth, Connie Celum ,Jared M. Baeten, Sten H. Vermund, Judith N. Wasserheit, (2011), Curr HIV/AIDS: Combination HIV Prevention: Significance, Challenges, and Opportunities:

Various interventions on HIV have been established. Although is being effective slowly. This topic is a representation of the future generation in HIV science prevention. People should have the HIV/AIDS testing programs as well as the ART to be both the primary and secondary HIV/AIDS prevention. This represents the test and linkage care as well as behavioral risk reduction in the society.

Amanda D. Castel, Manya Magnus,Alan E. Greenberg, (2015), Update on the Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the United States

Catel deduces that the epidemiology and how to go about the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the U.S helps in providing information to the established structures on the rapid widespread of HIV as a disease affecting the whole country.

Junjun Jiang, Xiaoyi Yang, Li Ye, Bo Zhou, Chuanyi Ning, Jiegang Huang, Bingyu Liang, Xiaoni Zhong et al. (2011), Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in High Risk Populations: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.

Jiang et al. note that there is a high risk of HIV/AIDS in the most populated areas of the country; therefore people should be exposed to the prevention measures and treatment. This is evident in the meta-analysis which shows that many of those affected are those in the high-risk population.

Young, L. E., Schumm, P., Alon, L., Bouris, A., Ferreira, M., Hill, B., ... & Schneider, J. A. (2017). PrEP Chicago: A randomized controlled peer change agent intervention to promote the adoption of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention among young Black men who have sex with men. Clinical Trial.According to Young, L. E et al. the (PrEP) pre-exposure prophylaxis in Chicago are more interested in Hiv/ Aids prevention than cure. This could be achieved by using the social media networks to create awareness. The young black men indulge in intercourse with other men increasing the spread of the disease, therefore PrEP should engage in activities that will gradually improve the sexual health among the youths today and in the future generation.

Myers, J. E., Ellman, T. M., & Westhoff, C. (2015). Injectable agents for pre-exposure prophylaxis: lessons learned from contraception to inform HIV prevention. Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS, 10(4), 271-277.

The Long-acting injectable (LAI) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) are available in most of the health facilities. This could help in preventing more spread of Hiv/Aids. The approval of the combination of LAI and PrEP will greatly aid the HIV prevention among the people in the society and will also affirm for the better future of recent modality on HIV prevention.

Garcia, J., Parker, C., Parker, R. G., Wilson, P. A., Philbin, M., & Hirsch, J. S. (2016). Psychosocial implications of homophobia and HIV stigma in social support networks: insights for high-impact HIV prevention among black men who have sex with men. Health Education & Behavior, 43(2), 217-225.

Garcia, J. et al. noted that the HIV in the United States has been increasing daily due to the black men indulging in sexual intercourse with men (BMSM). The disease centres control, encourage prevention especially in those areas that are highly populated. Emotional support and the acceptance by the community will make this prevention measures very effective.

Eisinger, R. W., & Fauci, A. S. (2018). Ending the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Emerging infectious diseases, 24(3)

Eisinger, R.W., stipulates that Hiv/Aids is an international and global catastrophe needs strategic planning and good treatment especially for those people who are infected both direct and indirect. Although ending Hiv/Aids is hard, it needs biomedical research implementations that are more aggressive in order to achieve the goal of ending HIV pandemic.

Mapanga, W., Elhakeem, A., Feresu, S. A., Maseko, F., & Chipato, T. (2017). Prevention of cervical cancer in HIV-seropositive women from developing countries: a systematic review protocol. Systematic reviews, 6(1), 91.According to Mapanga, W., et al. various literature reviews, done on different modalities of preventions of cervical cancer, among the infected women both in present and in the future should be studied closely. However, randomly study investigations were done to ensure that there is sufficient information on the issue at hand.

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