Free Essay Example: The Great Pyramid of Gaza

Published: 2022-03-18
Free Essay Example: The Great Pyramid of Gaza
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Built at a time when ancient Egypt was one of the most influential nations in the world, the pyramids, notably the Great Pyramids of Giza, are some of the most outstanding human-made monuments in history. Their gigantic scale mirrors the exceptional role that Pharaoh, the king, played in ancient Egyptian society (Bonwick). Though pyramids were constructed at the beginning of the Old Kingdom, the peak began with the late 3rd dynasty up until roughly the 6th(c.2325). More than four thousand years later, the pyramids of Egypt still retain their magnificence, providing a glimpse into the rich and glorious past of the country.

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No pyramids are more renowned than those of Giza.The Great Pyramid is the oldest, largest and the only surviving structure. Also, is the last of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World and is a significant symbol of Egypt. It was built for Khufu, the second of the eight kings of the 4th dynasty over a 20 year period and stands on the Giza plateau adjacent to Cairo city. Until the Eiffel tower in Paris was completed in 1889 CE, the pyramid was the tallest monument made by humans in the world. It held this record for more than 3000 years and is one not likely to be broken. The Great pyramid rises to a height of about 146 meters with a base of 230 meters and comprises of over two million stone blocks each of 2.5 to 1.5 tons on average (Romer 3).Some of these stones are so huge that the logistics of raising and arranging them, so the price seems impossible by modern standards.

Adjacent to the Great Pyramid is three small pyramids designed for Khufu's queens. The sarcophagus of his mother, Queen Hetepheres was also found in a tomb nearby.Just like any other pyramids, Khufu's is guarded by rows of mastabas where the king's relatives or representatives were buried to support him in the life after. Monuments continued to be constructed throughout the 5th and 6th dynasties, but generally, the quality and scale of their structures declined over this period, along with the influence and treasure of the kings. Additionally, vandals in both early and present times removed most of the bodies from the pyramids and stole their exterior surfaces as well. As such, most of their shiny limestone coverings were stripped off, and the Great Pyramids no longer have their initial heights.However, millions of people from all over the world continue to visit the monuments every year drawn by their immense size and the enduring attraction of Egypt's glorious past.

Egyptians set the bar for what most people identify as typical pyramid design.They probably chose that distinctive form of their king's tombs due to their solar religion as Ra, and the Egyptian sun god was said to have created himself from a pyramid-form mount of the earth.As such, the pyramid shape is considered to symbolize the rays of the sun.It is estimated that twenty to thirty thousand laborers were needed to build the Great Pyramid in less than twenty-three years (Penn State University).The pyramids were placed on the northern side of the Nile since the king's soul was meant to join with the sun during its descent.Orientation and proximity to Memphis were the two deciding factors when building a side in ancient Egypt.

The central part of the pyramids was made of local limestone while the exterior was made of beautiful quality limestone which gave them a glossy white look that could be seen from miles away.The capstone was made of basalt, granite or any other hard stone that could be gold or silver-plated and would also be reflective in the sun (Macdonald). Scholars have established that copper chisels were used for sandstone and limestone extraction. However, hard stones such as diorite required much stronger materials. Colossal dolerite pounders were used to crush rocks, and wooden pegs were butted into slots they had cut and filled the openings with water. The pegs would increase in size, splitting the stone and the slab was then glided down a boat.The workforce was used to drag the rocks on a lubricated slipway as the pulling went on. Once the stones were at the site, ramps made of mud brick and plaster-coated were constructed to get them into place on the pyramid.The slopes were consistently raised as the team dragged the blocks upward.

The Great Pyramid helped to preserve ancient Egypt.It also allows us to explore a long-vanished world.The decorated tombs have magnificent sights of every aspect of life in ancient Egypt (National Geographic).The tomb art comprised of pictures of old farmers working their lands and tending livestock, fishing, woodwork, religious ceremonies and burial practices.Inscriptions also allow research into the Egyptian language.Any subject about Pharaonic civilization is available on the walls of the tomb at Giza. To enable these treasures accessible to all, a vast collection of Giza photographs, manuscripts and drawings is recommended to allow for virtual visits to the plateau.As such, older records preserve inscriptions and paintings that have faded away over time and capture lost or damaged artifacts hence making it accessible to the public. Overall, tourism to the structures has decreased rapidly following a political upheaval that lasted for several years. Egypt has since been through numerous changes in administration, and the instability could mean uncertainty in tourism of the pyramids.

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