Masculinity - Free Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-10
Masculinity - Free Essay Example
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What is Masculinity?

Masculinity is a collection of characters, attributes, and responsibilities attached to boys and men. However, masculinity can be exhibited in both genders. The current woman display more characteristics of a man in socially defined factors. Ladies have ventured into fields that were exclusively meant to men. On male gender, masculinity is a blend of both biological attributes and socially defined characteristics. Masculinity is not only based on specific gender. There are androgynous, feminine species who have the social characteristics associated with men. A discussion on the problems that arise in the community due to changes in gender responsibilities is going to be provided. In particular, it will look into how women tend to shape men’s characters and how men have tried to regain their male superiority by intimidating women who are their competitors. Furthermore, the disappointments that men face when they fail to achieve their desire of taking control of women and resources have been highlighted. Finally, ways of dealing with globalization and accepting women empowerment will also be examined.

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Exploring masculinity

Women determine the character of a man. As Elizabeth Bell argues, the animated Disney features through beauty and the beast feature a teenaged heroine at the idealized height of puberty graceful promenade … rendered as middle- aged beauty at its peak of sexuality and authority … and feminine sacrifice and nurturing… (Wooden and Ken, pg.471). The bad attributes in a man can change depending on how good a woman treats her. A woman is in a position to redefine the characters in a man thus making him a better man. The beast changes his character and can understand what it means to be a man which involves having power and authority in the society. It is the woman who defines what a man is. Men anger often fixes on “others” – women members of the minority groups, immigrants, gay men and lesbians (Kimmel and Messner, pg.590). Men were angered because educated women and immigrants took jobs that they perceived to be rightfully theirs. Masculinity manifest when men develop a perception that inferior job is meant for women. In contrast, the society depicts that both genders have equal opportunities.

Men tend to prove their masculinity in different ways. “Michael tries to explain how men in Arabic nations try to regain their manhood which was manipulated by emasculating politics of globalization. The Taliban saw the Soviet invasion and globalization of Afghanistan as humiliation” (Kimmel and Messner, pg.591). The Afghanistan men had lost their traditional status as farmers and breadwinners. Women have entered the job market thus gaining economic independence. The westernization culture had empowered women. Anti-globalization campaigns are manifested in Arabic countries. “Mr. Incredible’s downfall is most clearly marked as a gendered by his responses to it” (Wooden and Ken, pg.475). A woman can still have equal chances like a man in the society. However, a man still wants to be seen as superior to women. Despite the wife being the family breadwinner, the husband still took charge of the family by making major decisions thus proving that a man is the head of the house in all circumstances. In the contemporary society, there is gender equality. Both male and female have equal opportunities.

Define Masculine Gender

Men’s desire to be in control over women and resources sometimes leads to their frustrations especially when they fail to fulfill this desire. “Defeated, humiliated, emasculated, a disappointment to his father and failed rival to his sisters, Atta retreated into increasingly militant Islamic theology” (Kimmel and Messner, pg.393). Men have that desire of having those good things for themselves. They have that notion that they should have the priority in securing important jobs in society. It is men who were supposed to be doctors and not women. In such a case, it is clear that there is an evolution of a new man. This made Atta join the militant groups with the aim of regaining his male pride. “In an opening scene, he calls and conducts a “staff meeting” that highlights his unambiguously dominant position in the community” (Wooden and Ken, pg.473). Male gender has that attribute of controlling everything that is around them. They want to be seen as the superior being. However, they get frustrated when they fail to achieve their desire of control. Women have taken the positions that were seen to be for men.

For a peaceful relation between men and women, it’s high time for men to accept the globalization and women empowerment. Terrorism can’t help men recover their traditionally perceived manhood. Masculinity should be viewed on attribute angle and not gender. In the current society, women got potentials to share their masculine contributions. Gender does not necessarily define masculinity. The new man is molded by a woman. Men can’t be without women. In the film the Beauty and beast, the beauty played a significant role in nurturing the beast to a loving man. However, masculine characteristics, roles, and qualities are considered typical for men. Many cultures, especially Arabic states, a lady displaying male characteristics is viewed as a social problem. Some men try to oppress women so that they face less competition regarding masculinity. Men should positively take westernization and globalization. The world is transforming, and there is need to empower women. The rise of women into power should be considered as development in the community.


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