Essay Sample on Unethical Political Behavior

Published: 2022-08-05
Essay Sample on Unethical Political Behavior
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Two sergeants were fighting to control a central base fire station due to more limelight and to be near leadership. Both of them were power hungry and used several coercive tactics and behind the scenes, movements to try and circumvent each other. The two sergeants decided to use their position in the organization to influence their inferiors into supporting them. this led to chaos and unruly behavior in the organization, and it exposed the entire organization to potential risks accrued to political battles. Besides, the action caused cliques and made the leadership decisions based on who presented themselves more as a leader.

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From this case, the main players were wo sergeants all wanting to take control of a fire station for their selfish gains. Taking control over the fire station would come with more power and recognition, and that is why the two sergeants were too persistent to win. However, fighting came with its perils because it compromised their dignity and their image as leaders in the workplace (Hummer, 2010). A leader should be a, and these two did not act like pacesetters.

Several political and personal factors led to this political battle. One of the individual elements evident in the case is a need for power by both sergeants. Both of them want to be in control of the base fire station so that they can be in charge and control of the entire organization. This is the case because splitting the power of the fire station would mean cutting their interests and both of them were not having it. They preferred owning it and selecting a team that would support their decisions no matter what was at stake. One of the organizational factors that led to this political battle is ineffective management (Saleem, 2015). Had the organization maintained a capable management team, there would be a competent team ready to oversee the control of the base fire station. The manager of the organization has the authority to control all the processes, practices and activities of the organization. Therefore, from the scenario above, it is unclear who is in control in the organization that owns the base fire station, and this is the leading cause of the conflict. The management team is supposed to oversee that all the assets of an organization benefit all the organizational members but it is not the case here. The top management is trying to own the base fire station, meaning they have their special interests which do not include other staff members.

The type of political behavior exhibited by the participants in the battle includes the right to influence. One of the sergeants affected other members of the organization to support him in the political fight against his opponent while giving them false hopes about the benefits they would acquire (Hummer, 2010). The other surgent mobilized other members of the organization to utilize their right to speech to influence people to demonstrate with him so that he could win the battle.

I think both surgent behaved unethically during this political battle because they wanted to acquire control unfairly and in an unjust manner. Some procedures should be followed to gain control over an organization's assets, which are aimed at minimizing such outcomes (Newman & Clarke, 2009). Engaging in a political battle is dangerous because it puts all the other organization members at risk. It is unethical to dispose the members of an organization to risks knowingly, and that is precisely what these two sergeants did.


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