Essay Example on Advertisment Critique: "Nike: Unlimited You"

Published: 2023-01-04
Essay Example on Advertisment Critique: "Nike: Unlimited You"
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The management of all business activities requires excellent attention which is geared towards ensuring a proper correlation between all factors which are united together to make it a success. Scholes reveals that before an advertisement is made, an appropriate plan of management must be observed and all related factors considered before an optimal conclusion is made. Similarly, an ad requires keen consideration of several factors which aims at ensuring a steady correlation between it and other vital issues which are supposed to be addressed. Notably, all advertisements must have a proper outline which can be used to make them intertwine with the social location - this paper focus to discuss a business advertisement and its explicit description based on the social situation.

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Description of the Advertisement "Nike: Unlimited You"

"Nike unlimited you" is an advertisement that sensitizes the importance of beginning one's story at Just Do It or "Nike.Com." It encompasses different characters which cover several sports activities such as football, athletes, swimming, and basketball, skating, and wrestling among others. The figures illustrate the extent to which people can stretch beyond their might and only with Nike. The characters possess positive physical attributes which define their capabilities of surpassing all the odds which are required in their sporting activities. Notably, from the actions and the sporting activities which the characters are exposed to and which they are doing, the audience cannot sympathize with them. Most of them look dangers, but in the end, they portray a fancy conclusion which does not seem harmful. However, the activities are admirable, and people can associate with them amicably. For instance, the football and long tennis which always require proper attention among the players usually reveal an impressive output which is fun to watch. Overall, after looking at the advert from the beginning till the end, I feel like being part of them especially in games such as football, skating, and basketball.

Most advertisement is viewed as sources of fun or entertainment. In most cases, people associate themselves with such pictorial and short videotapes to relieve themselves from different boredom. However, "Nike: unlimited you," reveals a philosophical way of life. It defines a humanistic philosophy which relates human activities with the activities around their social setting (Merlo 342). The rationale shows that every person has a specific talent which he or she can exploit and maximise it into something meaningful for the betterment of the whole society.

American Core Values

The most common American core values include equal opportunity, material comfort, activity and work, practicality and efficiency, progress, achievement and success among others. Fascinating, the ad reveals that America is based on United talents as well as business franchises which are combined to give a meaningful outlook. The values from the announcement show that most countries depend on America for crucial products as well as other critical associative profits for a concrete exoneration. Besides, it reveals that America gives equal opportunity to both sexes in most of their activities. Male and female, young and old as well as black and white share a common platform in the ad for express delivery of the intended information.

Similarly, the advertisement represents society truthfully. For instance, it reveals equal opportunity which is given to all races and gender. The young and the old are equally represented. Similarly, it captures all the sporting activities as well as their importance among members of a given society. The inclusion of Nike as the main advertising product shows that the community must embrace a specific product for their unity to be concrete and stable.

The implication of the Ad to the Society

In case the society buys the idea from the ad, it will be sound and coherent in terms of sporting activities as well as the celebration of a unified beginning. The use of Nike as the main product for advertisement will increase its sales which in turn will improve the economic stability of such societies. Overall, in some cultures, it will reveal that before management on individual business franchises is made, an advert is necessary to lure all the possible customers (Scholes 375). However, through regular interaction with the information and activities which are portrayed in the advert, the open culture will be adversely shaped and geared towards a new look. For instance, the perception of gender in terms of things which they are naturally assigned to them will negatively change because it shows that they are all equal. Male and female can do similar things with the same audacity.


In conclusion, the ad reflects love within the family setting. In the beginning, the attention was focused on the baby who was waking up. Although we could not see the mother nor the father, the speakers portray explicit compassion towards the young lad. Similarly, the ad reveals an exact relationship and friendship especially among the characters who rely on each other for their success. For instance, as the race comes to an end, the first person is showed loves, and he receives a bottle of water. Overall, patriotism, nationalism as well as geopolitics are adequately addressed in the ad through the action of the characters which shows togetherness and companion for the success of every activity.

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