Whip It Movie Review Essay Example

Published: 2020-06-18
Whip It Movie Review Essay Example
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The movie Whip It is a comedy that combines humor, passion, conflict, and fun to develop character and reveal modern gender role in society. It depicts an era when women have the objective of self-liberation from traditions and social restriction. Main character, Bliss Cavendar is a student who doubles as a waitress. Her mother is conservative and obsessed with the idea of making bliss victorious in the beauty pageant competitions. Bliss does not identify with her mother`s approach and intents to make her own ways. She is rebellious of her mother`s conservative wishes of molding her into family tradition. She learns from roller derby girls who were dropping off flyers in her neighborhood that is an Austin roller derby audition for the Hurl Scouts team coming up. The Hurl Scouts team coach, Razor allows her to join the team with little expectation of her.

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The narrative is structured around existence of conflicts or tensions and their resolution. These involve personal, social, and cultural tensions and conflict. Personal conflicts arise in form of struggle to rediscover identity against established culture of beauty pageantry, tension caused by desire to perfect roller derby skills, and tension of finding a balance and anticipation of challenges because of living a double life. Cultural conflict is depicted in sheer difference between the cultural setting of Bodeen and city of Austin. Bodeen has a strict conduct that creates opportunities, while Austin city allows people to identify with individualist and enjoy personal freedoms without affecting chances of success.

The resolutions represent change and progress in cultural views. Resolution of conflict marks a revision of place for culture relative to development and self-discovery. Bliss`s mother and father adapt the idea that tradition should facilitate happiness. Her father buys her roller skating shoes revealing that he supports drive and passion to selfestablish.

The motives of the main characters are to develop thematic context of the film. Bliss`s father reveals progress in his easy adoption of new attitude towards sports. Her mother represents conservatism. She believes in culture and tradition as an only key to success. On the other hand, Bliss represents modern society, and pleads by women. She finds consolation in self-discovery and freedom of choice. The characters make personal choices resulting in development of culture in the movie, Whip It. Bliss`s mother pushes her to identify with culture, her father appears to facilitate change, while Bliss decided to rebel against tradition. Their decisions have implications; bliss`s mother is labeled an image of tradition and resistance from progress, while Bliss sets precedence that girls in Bodeen can set individualistic goals and succeed to develop a modern culture.

Sport is depicted as inferior to tradition and merely a barrier from success. Women participating in roller derby sports are viewed as missing the process self-liberation and diverging from the path of success. The film reveals a situation where women participating in sports are mocked by conservative minds. On the other hand, residents of the city appreciate sporting. Sports are important in Austin but less significant in Bodeen; tradition is depicted as superior to modern visionary.

The events inspire review of approach to life and liberalizing actions destined to bring social- economic growth to societies. The film`s character development and events of unfolding plot seem to enthuse emotions and emphasis on resilience and self discovery as solutions to solving social issues concerning restriction to tradition.

In conclusion, the movie Whip It is a comedy that uses conflict and character development to reveal compromise and culture reinvention. Bliss engages in roller derby sport, she becomes an exceptional player and brings her team success. Actions concerning conflict result in a situation where, Bliss`s family is represents compromise and fixation on Bodeen tradition and freedom to enjoy modern life as depicted in Austin city.

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