Pollution in Iran - Thomas Erdbrinks' Article Essay Sample

Published: 2018-08-30
Pollution in Iran - Thomas Erdbrinks' Article Essay Sample
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Iran pollution research

The article, As a Noxious Smoke Descends, Tehran Tries to Ignore It, talks about pollution in Iran. The article by Thomas Erdbrink brings to the attention of the readers, the causes and effects of pollution on inhabitants of Iran.

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Thomas talks about how the yellow blanket smog has settled in Tehran, but everyone goes on about their business as usual. The essay shows how people are trying to deal with the pollution problem by wearing masks as they go about their daily activities. Sometimes they even try to ignore the yellow smog, like it doesntt exist; as if the air is clean and the sky is blue. Schools get closed, and in the recent days over 412 people have died due to pollution related complications. People are requested to stay indoors, and there is issuing of a religious edict, stating that the use of cars when there is pollution, is religiously forbidden. One has to have good reason to use cars during such times. Another solution they have is to stop people from going out, but that is not possible. They are advised to eat vegetables and drink lots of water as a preventive measure from the pollution effects on health. Most of the Iranians say that their only option is to ignore the problem. One of the reasons there is air pollution in Iran, is the use of unrefined gasoline. Iran is also dealing with other issues like unemployment, and extreme water shortage, making it hard to deal with pollution.

The author opens a platform for discussion on the pollution issues affecting Iran. He wants the readers to discover the pollution problem in Iran/ while trying to convince them to agree with the opinions in the article. The author also tries to speak on the need for a clean and safe environment for everyone. The essay addresses the government and other institutions on the need to act on the pollution issue.

The effects of pollution

The author uses the sentiments of other people to put across his point in the essay. Such opinions include those of Pani, Morteza, Pani and Shajiee. He also uses the existing evidence and statistics to show the effects of pollution. He expects that by the end of the reading, we understand the causes of pollution, its effects on Iranians and perhaps what could be done to reduce the pollution.

The pollution problem in Iran seems to be taking a toll on the Citizens. It hinders daily activities, and many are at risk of cancer and other respiratory tract diseases. The consequences are measurable regarding work and school days lost; health challenges posed to the children and the elderly, and the number of people having lung or heart complications. The Iranian citizens are frustrated due to the pollution. The government does not seem to have lasting solutions to the problem. Implementation and realization of mitigation strategies like refining gasoline, and reducing cars on the roads, is yet to be seen. Therefore, lack of proper policies and mitigation strategies means that the problem is not going to be solved anytime soon. The international community/ and environmentalists should come together with Iran so as to come up with lasting solutions. Otherwise, Iran will continue losing lives, and the health complications will continue to increase. Different shortcomings face Iran in their efforts to combat pollution. The government and existing institutions further complicate the process. The government needs to take drastic measures in ensuring the air in Iran is breathable to its inhabitants.

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