Free Essay on Homeless Veterans on Long Island, New York

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay on Homeless Veterans on Long Island, New York
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Long Island is an island situated off the northeast coast of the United States within the united state of New York, comprising four cities; Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. The term Long Island is a suburban area referred to as Nassau-Suffolk County. These regions encounter an acute concern of homeless veterans who apparently suffer from inappropriate and severe shelter conditions. This article articulates the concern of homelessness alongside other factors to be examined to ascertain appropriate housing and other socio-cultural amenities.

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Approximately there are 3800 Long islanders who are permanently homeless. Half of this population is children (Oakes, 2006). Majority of these individuals dwell in shelters, although an estimated 300 currently inhabit the streets, such is according to an estimate undertaken by the long island coalition for the homeless, which often carries a once-a-year statistical count.At the beginning of the year 2014, less than 3000 individuals were homeless and another 64 resided on the streets. Amid a worsening concern, funds provision and attention arent satisfactory. These figures are approximates, therefore such calls for long island to develop a proper understanding of the housing issue. Long island necessarily requires a better path to emergency housing provisions and more permanent resolutions that encompass support programs, and job training and counseling (Miller, Hess & Orthmann, 2013). County officials need to prioritize the homelessness issue basing the provisional facts and figures on current research.

Families that lack homes and those inhabiting the streets with mental illness and addictions should become significant enough such that statistics are kept on track and understood. This will make it easier for families that need emergency housing to acquire it. Homelessness is at acute degree, such necessitate expansion of outreach efforts, and acquisition and application of new ideas (The New York State Directory: 2007/2008, 2003). A solution to this predicament lies in the process of transitioning persons off the streets, out of the temporary shelters, and into permanent and appropriate housing. Dedicate case managers should be incorporated to assist individuals and families especially in the process of teaching populations in dissimilar manners, with sober homes for rehabilitating addicts, particular housing for those suffering from mental illness .

With appropriate oversight and resources, such a strategy is sensible. Nevertheless, the state ought to earmark funds purposefully for compassionate housing. Long island needs 3000 units as asserted by advocates. A particularly severe long island concern could finally become a resolution by turning over a specific number of zombie homes to nonprofits that could rehab the residential for the initially homeless.

In the year 2011 United States president Barrack Obama, the Department of Defense Secretary and HUD secretary announced a five year plan to end veteran homelessness in the United States. Up to this date halfway of this plan has been significant. The concern of veteran homelessness has been reduced by 17.2% (The New York State Directory: 2007/2008, 2003). The provision of permanent reasonable housing with flexible amenities is an important constituent of the program to end veteran homelessness. Currently there is a program in place to develop 60 units in Amityville and other 59 units in Ronkonkoma. All of these units will serve the homeless veterans and their respective families.

In addition, there is creation of a community resource center, besides; the Long Island coalition for the homeless is renovating a 40,000sq. ft building which will house an estimate 7 nonprofit agencies that will focus on synchronizing regional efforts to ending veteran homelessness. Whereas there should be overall plans to achieve objectives it always dawns on individuals and the state capability to correlate with them. Ending the issues of veteran homelessness on long island will necessitate an intensive effort employing all the available resources in the best possible manner. CSH should be collaborated in the process to do away with veteran homelessness and progress to amplify the abundance of supportive housing.

United States department of veteran affairs- homeless veterans suffices programs for veterans alongside other supportive programs explore whatever neighbors and the overall community can participate in to assist homeless veterans or those at looming risk of becoming homeless (Sanjek, 2000). In September 2014, the largest nonprofit organization, Concern for Independent Living, that provides supportive housing for persons and families on long island, apprehended a Grand Opening Ceremony to receive homeless families and veterans that could eventually see them have affordable housing (The New York State Directory: 2007/2008, 2003). The new housing has been made effective with the assistance of federal, local and state officials. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to accomplish this, asserted the executive director of Concern of Independent Living Ralph Fasano, who also coerced that his chief objective was to entirely eliminate homelessness on long island.

Federal, local and state officials cutting the honor during the Grand Opening Ceremony procedure of the 60-unit affordable accommodation development, referred to as Liberty Village, for destitute veterans on September 2014 in North Amityville (Oakes, 2006). Following subsequent years of being displaced, battling drug and substance abuse, and resorting to his car for shelter, Harewood visualized a billboard promoting the new expansion, and applied for housing provision in February 2013. I came here [Liberty Village] on September 11, 2014 and got my keys, said Harewood. It was definitely worth the wait. I am very thankful for this opportunity. (Miller, Hess & Orthmann, 2013). The Suffolk County housing programs are part of the various efforts Long Island organizations have put in place to end veteran homelessness by the end of December 2015. Two earlier homeless veterans meeting outside their new home in Liberty Village, in North Amityville, throughout the Grand Opening service, Fasanos organization, alongside other local executives and cohorts, have a less than a year to realize their 2015 purpose, but are confident to meet their target (The New York State Directory: 2007/2008, 2003). For instance, while there has been a recordable surge in homelessness on Long Island from the period of 2013 to the end of 2014, the numbers of homeless veterans inhabiting on Long Island has declined, Greta Guarton, executive administrator of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless (LICH), a non-profit association that deals in coordination of homeless services is provided by further 125 agencies.

Veterans serve our country and dont have a place to live, said Fasano. Sometimes they just need a little help to get on their feet. Long Island is such a difficult place to afford housing (Sanjek, 2000). We should be making the effort to help veterans with whatever they need. Towards the ceremonial closure, approximately a dozen previous homeless veterans continued waiting outside in Liberty Village, recognizing their stunning new homes and articulated how appreciative they are to ultimately be in, what an individual veteran termed as, paradise.

Despite increasing housing insufficiency arising from acute growth, the progressive measures put in place would see a reduced number of homeless veterans in the streets since such programs initiated by the different agencies would see affordable housing provided for the individuals and families facing this severe issue of homelessness and ultimately ascertain proper housing.


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