Crime and Feminism Paper Outline Example

Published: 2022-07-29
Crime and Feminism Paper Outline Example
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Introduction: Thesis - This paper is about crime and deviance in relation to the arguments of functionalism, conflict, control, feminism, and interactionist theory. Where crime and deviance are concerned, functionalism is the theory to go with because its focus is on the functionality of deviant behavior in a stable society

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Body Paragraph number 1: Topic Sentence - According to functionalism, deviant behavior provides social stability by creating systems that punish abnormal behavior.

Supporting idea - Therefore, deviant behavior helps to keep the rest of the population in check.

Supporting idea - Deviant behavior is the key to understanding the rearrangement of society.

Body Paragraph number 2: Topic Sentence - Deviant behavior also provides social stability by allowing the majority to unite around their normativity.

Supporting idea - Abnormal behavior creates the social parameters that produce the 'we verse them' mentality. This kind of mentality causes social groups to form along with their social parameters which determine what is normal and what is abnormal

Supporting idea - Such an outcome reinforces social stability by providing the mechanisms for change and social adjustment.

Body Paragraph number 4: Topic sentence - According to conflict theory, the society is in a constant state of conflict because of continuous competition for limited resources.

Supporting idea - Conflict theory relates to crime and deviance by looking at the faults in the system of society which lead to crime and deviance.

Supporting idea - It fails to consider the role of social factors in creating deviant behavior.

Body Paragraph number 5: Topic sentence - Control theory discusses the relationship that exists between socialization, social control, and behavior.

Supporting idea - According to control approach, the human behavior depends on a series of internal and external controls that prevent people from acting beyond social norms.

Supporting idea - The purpose of the control theory is to find out what encourages conformity rather than what promotes deviant behavior.

Body Paragraph number 6: Topic sentence - The feminist theory concentrates on the way gender inequalities influence the opportunities to commit a crime. The approach also analyses the prosecution and detection of crime.

Supporting idea - Female criminals are judged based on their criminal acts and their gender.

Supporting idea - Feminist theory on crime and deviance because it focuses on the prosecution of deviance behavior rather than its causes or its role in the society.

Body Paragraph number 7: Topic sentence - The interactionists view deviant behavior as a product of interaction with the society.

Supporting idea - According to interactionist theory, deviance is a learned trait.

Supporting idea - However, in matters of crime and deviance, interactionist theory does not explain why the deviant group does not learn from the mainstream group.


A recap of functionalism

A recap of the conflict theory

A recap of control theory

A recap of feminist theory

A recap of interactionist theory

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