Essay Sample on the Reasons for Sharing Information

Published: 2017-11-15
Essay Sample on the Reasons for Sharing Information
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There has been a remarkable transformation in the way people live, work, and love. This massive change is as a result invention of the internet. Since then, people have changed the modes of interactions with families, colleagues, and friends. Today, the internet have linked people from different places of the world. The lines between the offline and the online lives of people have been redefined to meet the new standards of privacy, which is transparency (Savlov 1).

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The article outlines various reasons why we share information; it can be about ourselves, our loved ones or other things. Sharing in this digital generation makes people freer and happier. People feel comfortable while sharing their daily lives on various online platforms like blogs (Savlov 1). The blogs have given them a new sense of identity-making them feel more content offline.

According to Klein, sharing online make people feel safer. Through sharing, people exposes things that embarrass them in their daily lives. People usually get scared easily thinking of what others might think of them and wrongfully judge them (Savlov 2). When blogging it is easier to speak your mind without holding back. One can easily share graphical images containing many details online for people to see without caring who is looking.

Sharing online also makes people feel freer and better about themselves. It has been proven that the more people share, the more secure they become. Bloggers who put much online were criticized at first, but with time, people have embraced their habits of texting their fingers off as part of their daily lives. When people share their thoughts and feelings online, it helps them express themselves (Savlov 2). However, through sharing, people risk their privacy by putting their personal information online as it can be used by others for personal gains.

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