Essay Example on Tough Guise 2 by Jackson Katz

Published: 2022-12-11
Essay Example on Tough Guise 2 by Jackson Katz
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The society has had a distinct place and role for different genders. In the film Tough Guise, Katz explains that the social impact and perceptions have created a feeling among the vast populace pointing to the fact that males are tough people. The film, Tough Guise 2 by Jackson Katz highlights some of the underlying social pressure that the male gender is put through to prove to the society their masculine nature and under the pretext of stoicism that makes them ready for war or violence at any time. This film cuts the nature of men not only in America but across the globe.

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In Tough Guise 2, Katz takes time to explain that men are not born naturally tough and violent; they take time to learn to be so. This is owing to the social pressure and the high expectations placed on them to make them tolerant to the social pressure at large. In this film, Katz narrates of how videogame companies pay money to firearm producing companies to have them feature their weapons in their games. These videogames are even used by the United States for training. These early stages of social exposure as discussed by Katz train boys how to be real men and how to respond to provocations and matters.

Katz also explains in this film, the Tough Guise of how the media has defaced the female gender in connection with violent acts. They are actually referred to as genderless people without a heart or some sort of bloody creatures with no regard for human life. for instance, he narrates about the CNN coverage of the mass shooting with the reporters using different incongruent names to the perpetrators, "The shooters in Aurora, the shooters in Newtown... The Connecticut shooter... The Aurora shooter... The alleged shooter... Teen-aged psychopath... Mass murders... The suspect... That kid...," (Tough Guise). The society seems to be more understanding when female youths get caught in these issues too. They are referred to as youth challenge and social matters. Therefore, such tagging and name branding on male children makes them grow into some kind of defiant and violent personalities.

The American society, as Katz explains in the film, Tough Guise 2 is preoccupied with defending and protecting the rights of the females. Various news anchors in the film are only crying over violence against women, "Violence against women... Violence against women... Violence against women..."(Tough Guise). Kats explains that it seems that something bad is always happening to women and it's like nobody commits it, "You see this a lot in the mainstream discussion about so-called "violence against women." (Tough Guise). This situation has left the male child to cut a niche for themselves without considering.

On a fair examination and evaluation of this film, Katz has indeed spoken to the vast majority of men in the society who have had to deal with so much pressure, prejudice, name tagging and categorization as a violent persona. The Tough Guise 2 lifts the lid on some of the underlying threats and sociological impacts that indeed exists in modern society ranging from the name calling and branding of the male child as violent. The early exposure to violence through such avenues as games and movies. The constant defending of the female rights by continuous screams and noise around female violence which is seen to be committed by the females. On top of all this and more, the female gender has had to guise their toughness to cut a niche for themselves in this seeming biased society.

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