Essay Sample on Defendant Closing Argument

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Sample on Defendant Closing Argument
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Your worship, the issue, in this case, is whether the defendant, Patrick Grimaud, committed the offence of larceny of product from Toy's R contrary to the Embezzlement and Theft Act, and we submit that the defendant was guilty.

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We have two submissions to make. The first proposal is that the crown has evidentially proven that the defendant possessed the product that belonged to Toy's R. It is navigated with the second submission where there was video footage of the defendant wandering around the market while staring at the toys.

The facts are as follows;

The defendant, Patrick Grimaud, is an unemployed citizen who lost his job in the food processing plant that he worked for. He decided to take his children for shopping and encountered a toy that the daughter loved. Based on the actions he made by choosing to shop items without a shopping bag, yet they existed in the market showed that the defendant was to steal products. In this case, the disputed that he was solely aiming at making his daughter happy by providing the toy. The evidence clearly shows that Patrick Grimaud attempted to take away the product from the market. Both the crown and defendant agreed that theact done was aiming at stealing the product since there were available shopping baskets where he could have placed the items he needed for purchase. Moreover, walking away from the market with the item without the teller's approval of purchase suggests that the defendant's action was illegal. The security guard who detained the defendant also proved that the defendant looked suspicious by running out after seeing him. The defendant was found with the item in the possession and footage of him roaming around the market.

The situation is governed by the Embezzlement and Theft Act, chapter 31, section 642 provides as follows:

Without any authorization from the united stated, an individual who secretes within, or embezzle, or takes and carries away from any building, room, office, apartment, vault, safe, or any other place where it is kept, employed, used, lodged, or placed shall be fined or imprisoned not more than ten years or both.

According to the common law, in this case, which Your worship will find at the law reports of the defendant's book of authorities, the crown has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime which is offensive against the act of embezzling and theft based on the tools and materials for counterfeiting purposes.

Our first submission is that the crown was right and sincere in the case of the defendant. The police officers evidently found that the defendant possessed an item that was not his, in which they concluded that Patrick Grimaud was guilty of his actions. The security guard, Dana Bianco, also testified against the defendant concerning his actions of running away when caught. The other submission is that the video footage given as the evidence also showed the suspicious actions of the defendant. In this case, his actions signified the character of a guilty and suspicious individual.

The evidence has shown that Patrick Grimaud attempted to steal the item which his daughter loved to possess. The testification of Dana Bianco also proved that the defendant was guilty of his actions. It is also incorporated with the footages submitted as evidence.

The defendant, therefore, is found guilty of his act, and Your worship, actions against him should be taken accordingly.

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