Essay Example on Global Business Conduct

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Example on Global Business Conduct
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The companies compliance and ethics fall short due to the gaps in the contextual structure, such as economic and legal factors. These factors may be challenging to address with the use of a compliance program (Ameer & Othman, 2012). In that relation, there is low adherence to the level of codex standards that relates to the environment where people are living than individual character growth. There is a lack of legal and economic structure that supports the country's economic structure.

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One of the ways a business can manage its code of ethics performance tools is by appointing a company chief of compliance services. The administrator will manage various programs that assist in fostering of the law of conduct among the companies. The business also must communicate the rules to all workers by introducing a monitoring and auditing method that will identify members that violate the code of conduct. The companies should invest in infrastructure and equipment, change in the working process, training and educating the employees, focusing on the public attention and modification of the performance measures (Mamic, 2017).

The organizational data will be used by the managers in constructing a large business picture of the company strengths, performance, and weaknesses. The data also captures the actual behavior and the perception of an individual concerning the organization services. Lastly, managers can make their three steps effectively: pointing future risks to the company, identification of reasons that requires an inquiry and creating an environment full of opportunities (Ruggie, 2014).

The data services are objective standards that help an organization in addressing organizational, operational services (Voegtlin, Patzer & Scherer, 2012). Secondly, it connects an organization to other related organization in the world. Lastly, it helps in boosting an organizational performance by uplifting the performance in the company.


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