Free Essay about Political System

Published: 2017-12-28
Free Essay about Political System
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A Political system entails members who are active politically and are able to control and influence government activities in a given country. In the world today, there are different political systems that govern specific countries. The main focus will be on the political systems of china, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Saudi Arabia political system

Absolute monarchy is the political system used in Saudi Arabia where it is headed by a monarch who has sovereign power; Saudi Arabia’s monarch is a king. The monarch comes from the loyal family of Saudi Arabia who are the ruling class. This kind of political system does not involve the election of political leaders rather it is based on heredity inheritance of power where leadership is passed from one generation to another. Monarchy has no governments since their rule is focused on a single kingdom.

China political system

China is governed by a communist political system type of government. This political system is based on a single party system that is based on achieving socioeconomic progress to all people in the society. The state is normally the power holders where it is headed by the People’s Republican of China which is the dominant party. Party representatives are elected where people participate in voting where they elect leaders who will represent their needs and interests to the central government. Communist political system in china has local governments which include county, provincial and the national government.

Iran political system

Theocracy is a political system used Iran. This type of political system is based on religious authority. Iran leadership is guided by the Islamic laws known as Sharia law. Power is held by those who are religious and abide by the Quran. Divine leaders are not elected instead they are appointed. Theocracy has local governments that make up the main governing body.

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